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  • Created Dec 28 '09
  • Last Post Sep 27 '10 at 3:12am
  • Status Complete
  • System FactionRPG

Game Description

The Guildpact is an ancient, primeval living document signed ten thousand years ago with blood and magic by each of the paruns. It represents their willingness to work together to hold the city together and is the basis for all Ravnican law. Not surprisingly, the leaders since then including the still-living paruns have worked hard to find loopholes in which to set forward their own plans.

The magic of the Guildpact is waning. The decamillennial of the signing of the The Guildpact in only two days away and the current leaders of the ten guilds of Ravnica are expected to perform the ritual that will renew the ancient and epic piece of magic that reverberates across the entire city-plane. Should any one of them fail to participate, the power of the Guildpact to maintain a semblance of peace between the guilds will be lost, perhaps forever.

Will the city-plane of Ravnica once more be thrown into Dissension? Take on the role of one of the guilds and decide for yourself.

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