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The gods are gone. Dead? Missing? Who can tell? The point is that they stopped directly
intervening in the affairs of both their followers and their enemies back in the time of your great-
grandparents. All that remain of their legacy are the clerics, which get less and less respect everyday,
and the artefacts that they left behind.
One such artefact is supposedly located in a rather well-known temple of Artax, the god of
adventurers, traveling, and skill. Within this temple is said to be a fountain that will grant you a boon if
you can find it and drink from it.
Many would-be adventurers have gone into this temple searching for the fountain, some have even
returned. But, of those that return, not one has ever been able to remember what befell them. Of those
who foolishly entered the temple a second time, none have ever been seen again.
You have decided, being of-age, that it is time to make your way in the world, and perhaps find
fame and fortune while you are at it. As often happens, you have fallen in with a group of like-minded
companions and are now, having traveled far from home, at the entrance to the Temple of Artax.

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