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[An Introduction]
A letter from the Duke of Snyder has been delivered to you by a messenger. You break the yellow wax seal with a large S in the middle and unroll the parchment. It Says:
Greetings Adventurer,
You have been hand picked by me to help lead The Remlick Company to expand my lands. I request your presence before my court in a fortnight and wish you to come prepared for an expedition. You will be well rewarded should the expedition succeed as I plan on the outpost of Remlick becoming the Barony of Remlick.
By my hand,
Duke Ivan Snyder

[Game Master(s)]
That would be me. I would be interested in accepting co-gms if there is enough players to warrent it.

[Game Explanation]
The type of game in the end will be up to the players. However it will be pretty combat heavy initially as the expedition gets to where the new outpost is going to be. I like a good mix of combat and diplomacy. Romance between characters is fine just no erp in the public forums. I would like to keep it going, but understand that people do have lives. so a post every two or three days would be good. The Game will be modified 3.5e. The rules wont be modified, some of the races and such will.

[Application Process]
I would like a background first to see if your character will fit in. Note that the background doesn't need to be a novel but does need to be more than just a couple paragraphs long.
[Character Creation]
Probably 4d6 drop the lowest reroll ones. As of right now I am thinking 5th level. Max hp first level roll after that. Books allowed are core, complete, and the class books (Masters of the wild, etc.) Any thing else needs to be approved by me. Please secret the text so the players do not know about other characters.

I intend for this to be a very long campaign. As such please do not apply if you know you are going to play for a few weeks and then drop out. Also because of the story reinforcements can be added as needed (new players replacing the drop outs.) Note: Having professions and knowledges is a good thing.

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