Infinities Held Within the Perfected Blossom

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  • Created Jan 30 '10
  • Last Post Jun 16 '10 at 9:09am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Exalted

Game Description

Creation is being plunged into a time of pain, sorrow and weakness as the once great anchor of power that held all things that wished it destroyed begins to crumble from the loss of it's keystone. The Scarlet Dynasty, the ruling power that held creation in a Jade-steel fist for over three quarters of a millenia, began just after creation was under the greatest strife it had seen since it's birth. The Deathlords, the empowered ghosts of long dead Anathema had, unknown to the cruel Dragon-Blooded, unleashed a devastating disease that raced across creation killing all those who contracted it. Every living thing, from the Unconquered Sun and his fellow Gods of Incarnae to the lowliest mortal child knew it as The Great Contagion.

At the same time the creatures from beyond the borders of creation, the Fey or Fair Folk amongst them, invaded to destroy creation whilst the crippled forces of the Dragon-Blooded tried to mount a decent defence, many a mortal and Dragon-Blooded who had not died from the plague died from their viscious assault. The God's only watched on in dispair as they too suffered, to a much lesser degree in Yu Shan the City of Heaven. They remembered the old days of the power Solar God-King heroes who used to rule creation as it's rightful rulers before their sanity left them and their vast armies of Dragon-Blooded soldiers turned on them.

Meanwhile, the mates and consorts to these great Sun blessed Exalted - the Lunars, great and powerful beings in their own right, once mistreated by the Solars, launched a desperate counter assault against the fey onslaught to try to buy enough time for the Dragon-Blooded to find footing to defend creation. Many a Lunar gave their lives that day for Creation and the particular aspect of it that they had vowed to Luna to protect.

They gave enough time to one dedicated Dragon-Blooded to enter the long Dormant Imperial Manse, a great weapon used by the Solars to defend the Blessed Ilse from assault, and prove her worth to wield the power turned back the tide of the oncoming attack and forced it into full retreat. From then on she reigned over creation, crafting a web of power with her at the centre of all. There was a time of tyrannical peace as the Dragon-Blooded preached of a religion making them the ultimate beings of creation and limiting homage to the gods. The Scarlet Empress was untouchable, and she knew this. She held the glue that prevented creation from falling to pieces. Then, out of the blue, she vanished.

Now the long lost Solars are returning in numbers with ever growing threats to creation, they are hunted by the Scarlet Dynast, also called the Realm. Although they stop some from gaining too much power each time one falls their Exaltation finds another human who shows the right traits and has the motivation to achieve more than their lot in life. The Solars are growing in power and at a time when Creation once again needs their help. However unlike the last time they ruled they must prove themselves worthy and make right for those that they wronged in another time before the Realm crumbles away and the enemies of Creation strike back once more.

The village of Kunukal is a refuge for all people, a place where any man, woman or child can find peace and safety. The people who live in this welcome those who wish to work for themselves and others and share what the village has to offer. Being positioned to the North East of the Hundred Kingdoms, one finds oneself surrounded by an Evergreen forest with area's of it cut down to farm rice and for storing livestock. All that is harvested goes to the village and feeds the village, everyone is expected to work if able or else they are asked kindly to leave.

People can stay for as long or as little as they like provided they offer appropriate aid to food that they eat or help in some other way. There has even been a savant move from far away to raise a school here where occasionally students travel a great distance to seek him out.

Now is the time of the annual coming of age ceremony, where youths and travellers who wish to become members of the village go through a ritual testing in order to prove that they are worthy to rejoin their neighbours as adult members of the village. This is where the circle comes in, before their Exaltations and before they make destiny theirs as they begin our tale as simple mortals.

[more to be added as plot goes on]

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