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Your lands are in peril. Troops and settlers from the spiritually dead Empire of the Sun have begun to probe into your tribeís territories. The vast lowlands are now fully under Imperial control and the Emperor and his vassals now seek new land to claim and clear. It was inevitable that the expansion would eventually reach the valleys and mountains of your people and that of the other tribes. You are amongst the minority in your tribe that believe that there is a real threat to your way of life, that soon they will declare war and come into your lands with soldiers too numerous to count.

A number of minor skirmishes between small patrols of mostly poorly equipped soldiers and desperate settlers have left the leadership of the tribes assured that there is little danger from the Empire, but you know better. If the Emperor decides to take an interest the troops that will come will be well trained, armed with accursed blood magic weapons and led by blood mages. Troops like that have not yet been seen in this region.

You and a few like minded members of the other tribes have formed a temporary truce and sought out the Old Witch of the Swamp. She cast the bones and foretold that unless the tribes unite there is little hope for them. Now most of your number has gone off to seek a way to bring the quarrelling and occasionally warring tribes together. You are among the few who have chosen to seek ways of delaying the Empireís plans in order to give the others enough time to complete their mission.

Itís a risky mission with little in the way of personal reward, soon Emperor Kodash the Undying will label you outlaws and you have few enough allies to help you already. Doubtless most, if not all, of you will perish. Thankfully you have at least the guidance of the Old Witch to put you on the right path and to bless your way to the afterlife.

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