Mage: The Newcastle Chronicles

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Game Information
  • Created Feb 3 '10
  • Last Post May 21 '10 at 11:23pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

Character Creation:

  • Characters are created using the standard guidelines, with an additional 20xp only to be spent on mundane purchases.
  • You may trade in Wisdom points at character creation for 5xp. (Maximum of 2 times)

Limitations For Creation:
  • 4 Dots: (Restricted To 1) Anything within creation rules. (Your bonus stat does NOT count towards this)
  • 1 Dots: Characters may not have a 1 dot trait in their attribute traits at the end of character creation (after XP has been spent)
  • Maximum Gnosis 2 at character creation

Bonus Experience (15xp Possible):
  • Description (0-2xp): Physical Appearance (Required):
    ~ 0 XP: Bare minimum (age, height, weight, gender, eye and hair colour).
    ~ 1 XP: Pretty good description.
    ~ 2 XP: Oh My God That Was Awesome!
  • Personality (0-2xp): Attitude, Quirks, Habits, General Outlook (Optional):
    ~ 0 XP: None.
    ~ 1 XP: Pretty good personality description.
    ~ 2 XP: Oh My God That Was Awesome!
  • Background (0-2xp): Life story up to your Awakening (optional):
    ~ 0 XP: None.
    ~ 1 XP: Pretty good History.
    ~ 2 XP: That Explains Everything I Could Want To Know!
  • Connections (0-3xp): Connections to other players (Optional):
    ~ Each connection will earn both players 1 xp, up to a maximum of 3.
  • Fears (1-3xp):List up to 3 things your character fears. (1 Required!): 1xp Each.

  • Intimacies (1-3xp): List up to 3 things your character cares deeply about. (1 Required!): 1xp Each

  • Goals: Things your character wishes to complete for themselves. [XP awarded upon completion] (
    Does not need to be completed by the end of creation process
    ~ Minor Goals: "Increase my knowledge of the occult" 1xp each (Up to 3 minor goals)
    ~ Average Goals: "Reconcile with my estranged sister" 2xp each (Up to 2 major goals)
    ~ Major Goals: "Find the six fingered man and avenge my father, murdered these twenty years." 3xp (Only 1 major goal)

Optional & House Rules:
If there is an optional rule you would like considered, please let me know. Currently these are the optional and house rules We have already decided on.

Armoury Reloaded 'Combat Hacks'
  • Aggravated Called Shots (p150)
  • Automatic Damage (p151)
  • Bleeding Out (p151)
  • Change: Storyteller chooses bone that breaks, not the Player.
    Bone Breakage (p151)
  • Dangerous Explosives (p152)
  • Freezing Under Fire (152)
  • Increased Wound Penalties (p155)
  • Hidden Health (p153) (Considering)
  • Shooting through cover (p157)
  • Change: It takes 1 hour to heal a point of bashing, 1 day for a point of lethal, and 1 week for a point of aggravated damage. In addition, magical healing only heals the body to a certain point, leaving wounds tender and raw - lethal and aggravated damage can be healed down to resistant bashing damage, after which the body must heal itself. Normal bashing can be healed normally.
    Slower Healing (p157)

Armoury Reloaded 'Mage Hacks'
  • All-Out Magic (p165)
  • Change: Replace first sentence with 'Every Paradox released in a scene adds a die to all Paradox dice pools, not just those of the mage in question.'
    Magical Build-up (p165)

Tome of Mysteries Optional Rules
  • To The Limit (p168)

General House Rules
  • If you do not have a potency rating for a spell currently on you documented, it is potency one.
  • ~ Havoc
    ~ Bedlam
    ~ Branding*
    ~ Anomaly*
    ~ Manifestation
    *Depending on circumstance, these may switch positions. Eg. when one may be more suitable than the other
    Paradox Levels
  • Work in Progress, essentially each shot, unless specified, hits a random location on the target's body
    Hit Locations
  • When a mage uses mage sight, he opens his third eye and sees everything for what it truly is as the images he see are permanently burned into his mind. Whenever he thinks about the event, it appears vivid and fresh in his mind. Particularly vulgar and disturbing images may require wisdom degeneration and/or derangement rolls.
    'Dresden Mage Sight'

Not Used:
  • Optional Rule: Spatial Command
  • Optional Rule: Temporal Command
  • XP On Chance Die
  • Non-Awakened Characters

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