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Its summer in the mostly human farming port town of Slythcryn, the famed mid-summer is just about to begin! The fields to the south are rumored to already be full of the tents of those camping outside the city and the merchants within already raised their prices appropriately. Summer is definitely in the air, flowers are in full bloom, the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

But what is this? Sounds of fights are just audible. Now a dark smoke is covering the sky as far as the eye can see. The City is under attack! But by what? and why? Will you investigate further?

Character Creation

Background: What your character has done before this adventure, preferably some sort of tradesmen as that will be one of the main reasons for your coming, if you want it to be. The more detail you put into your background, the more it may be used in the story, there is nothing quite like an image from your past coming to greet you.

Races: anything from Players Handbook, though I will accept the elemental variances of such from Unearthed arcana (Eg. water halfling). I do not want bloodlines from that book however (you can't be the decendant of a powerful demon for example). You may ask about other races, but they must have no Level Adjustment and I will ask you to cite your sources.

Classes: PHB only please, I want to keep this simple, but again ask and I might let you be something different, but before you ask, NO PSIONICS!

Stats: Roll stats in the stats rolling thread, you are allowed one re-roll if you don't get a total modifier(add stat modifiers together) of like +4, if you are still not satisfied, use 32point buy. I do allow re-roll of ones so use 6m4d6v1r1 for your stat rolls.

Other Relevant Info: You will be level 1, max HP and gold lvl 1, also I will allow one trait and one flaw per character (a flaw allows an additional feat).
Applications should be like this:

You may post them here or in the applications thread in the forum.

I think that's about it. Any other questions just ask.

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