His Watchful Gaze

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  • Created Feb 18 '10
  • Last Post Jul 28 '10 at 5:19am
  • Status Complete
  • System Dark Heresy

Game Description

His Watchful GazeMy purpose is clear.
I work as an eye of the Great Ordos.
I represent the vigilance of the Inquisition.
I am part of His watchful gaze.
-Lord Inquisitor Stahl, Ordo Oculus

Every member of Ordo Oculus takes this oath as they finish their training and enter service as agents of the minor order. Their fairly young order is tasked with one of the most important duties in the Imperium. Reporting any threats to the other, more militant, and less present, Ordos of the Inquisition. Lord Inquisitor Stahl, the founder, still formally leads the order, but all Inquisitors in the Ordo know he is bound to succumb to his age soon and hope to be promoted as his successor. Each of the fifty Inquisitors in the order wish to look active, powerful and useful. This need for results has lead Inquisitor Jenna Argo to push up the graduation of the latest class of acolytes by a year. Now, the very youngest team of Oculus acolyes is descending onto the remote temperate world of Cyphora Secundus with orders to find something of use and report back within the year. Cyphora Secundus, a medieval planet, one that has not seen war since the legendary days of the Great Crusade. Is there some tinge of taint beneath the peaceful surface for the acolytes to report? Or has the Inquisitor, blinded by ambition, sent the team to chase wind?.

Game PremiseThe recently formed Ordo Oculus is going through it's first great test. The founder, Lord Inquisitor Stahl, has been on his deathbed for over two years. All of the inquisitors under his command are hoping to become his replacement. Inquisitor Argo, in an attempt to produce more results and faster, has pulled a team of acolytes out of training in order to get more manpower under her command. The Acolytes, poorly trained as they are, were ordered to a fairly peaceful low-tech planet. Their given task is to find any kind of heresy and report it back to the Ordo by next year. If they find none, then they face a dilemma: report nothing or create heresies to report themselves.

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