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Every world has their Golden Age, an era of power and glory and wealth and fame that eclipses all for years to come. Every world remembers their old laurels, their legends and myths and storied heroes.

You have the great fortune of living in one. Gods live among men, and a polite worshipper can often request - and is given - miracles from his next-door neighbor. The world is united, and booming - mythic cities being raised, the everyday commoner can cast a few spells, and armies are, well, the stuff of legend. One-day forgotten artifacts of yore are being created today, now; legends are being forged, and you're part of them

"You," in this case, are an up-and-coming hero: by no means the best of the best, but one of the best, certainly. And as such, the Duke of Sylvrythren of the Great Kingdom has requested your assistance, for a small favor... but small favors don't require up-and-coming heroes.


The Great Kingdom is set upon an infinite plane, with a capital marking an arbitary center. At least, it was arbitary on its construction; thanks to powerful magic, the Kingdom is split radially into five, each with a different terrain: ocean, forest, plains, desert, and mountain. This decidedly unnatural terrain was put in place to maintain the equality of their respective gods; indeed, much of the politics is structured to ensure peace among the divines. The central City itself is ruled in a council of both gods and mortals, which jointly rule the land.

All this complexity is to ensure the end of the wars that previously ravaged the land - if "previously" can be used in a world where the changing of history is commonplace, at least among the higher powers. Mortals and gods went to war with each other and among each other, creating and destroying entire universes in their battles, until this was created as a point of peace.

Each region is divided into five earldoms, of increasing size; the last in each is infinite in size. As such, the most important rulers are in fact farthest from the council. Each earldom is divided into five baronies, and each barony into five dukedoms.

The span of the plane is immense. A circle drawn to include even the first earldom would be thousands of miles in radius. As such, magical transport is all but ubiquitous, and the average commute is hundreds of miles. Nevertheless, the plane is relatively crowded, especially near the center; due to space-time manipulation via spells, the population density approaches thousands of people per square foot.

Timeline: Nonsensical. The Great War was at once yesterday and millenia ago, thanks to the way the universe was built. As such, it is both in living memory and long enough ago that the old alliances and enmities have faded - to be replaced by new ones, of course.

More will be fleshed put here, as the game progresses, preferably before it becomes relevant.

Character Creation:

All WoTC sources allowed, with homebrew on a case-by-case basis. ECL 17, +9000 xp for crafting, permanencies, and whatnot. Make sure you plan your character well - this will be going up to epic levels and then divinity, and that's just the half you know about!

And yes, I know what the title is about - like I said, going up to divinity is slightly less than half of the campaign. It doesn't having anything to do with other worlds... yet.

This game has no set ending - it'll continue as long as we have players and interest.

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Try to post at least once a day, hopefully more. I'll be on almost constantly, and I'd rather not be too bored :p.

Houserules are in the forum.

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