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WorldThe world was once filled with light. Somec had created all, and all were happy. Then one day Somec gave authority over the world to one of his trusted servants. He knew what would come of this, but Somec allows all to succeed or fail on their own. Pel failed. He was able to keep the world running. However every time he felt that something was not being done correctly, he took over. Gradually he began to think of himself as the creator and owner of the world. He began to think that he was stronger than Somec. Somec allowed him to continue in his authority, keeping just a small portion of the world to himself. Here any who wanted to flee the tyranny of Pel could live.

At first throngs of people ran to Somec's Succor. This thoroughly frustrated Pel, and so Pel began to set his loyal servants to stop the flow of traffic, by any means necessary. The people flow of people to Somec's Succor gradually decreased to a mere trickle. Then to none at all.

Only Somec's Succor remained uncorrupted in the world. The way that this small nation stayed that way was simple. Whenever it seemed that they would be overwhelmed, destroyed, or swallowed up, Somec would bring forth for them one or more heroes. These heroes would save the nation, then keep it safe for their lifetime. The first of these was Alden, the one who led people to Somec's Succor to begin with, and the one who set forth their laws.

Recently though, the leaders of the Church of Somec have begun to grow concerned. Trials beset the small nation on every side, and there are numerous internal problems as well. Yet there have been no heroes rising to meet the call. They have decided to take matters into their own hands. They have sent messages to the greatest people that their nation has to offer. Will you answer their call?

Character Creation
Starting Points: 22 point buy

Starting Level: 11 (Paragon)

Alignment: Nothing evil.

Races: This is a cosmopolitan place. Any of the races are acceptable, but since your country borders on lands that primarily belong to Warforged, Orcs, Undead, Shifters, and Dragonborn, if you pick these races you can expect there to be some tension. Your country is at war with these other countries. Public opinion of you may change based off of how the war is going on that front.
Also there are no Half- races. You are what your mother was. Half-elves are reflavored as a variation of humans; half-orcs are orcs.

Feats: I will grant to each character one free feat of Focused Expertise (weapon/implement of your choice)

Skills: You get the number of skills indicated by your class, but they can be any skills.

Backgrounds: From your background you can gain a +2 bonus to a skill of your choice.

Starting Equipment: This will be an "itemless" campaign. You can select an item with a power you like, and you will receive that power as a Divine Boon (you are working for the church). You can select the 3 item powers as normal (A level 12 item power, a level 11 item power, a level 10 item power, and whatever you can put together from the value of a level 10 item).
As a result of the lack of magic items, you do gain some bonuses. You have a +2 item bonus to attack and damage rolls, this will increase by 1 at levels 12, 17, 22, and 27.
Also you have a +2 item bonus to all defenses that increases by 1 at levels 14, 19, 24 and 29.

Alterations due to monotheism: Characters with the Channel Divinity ability, may take any of the Channel Divinity Feats. It still uses a feat slot. Divine characters can also choose from any of the Divine Domains.
Magic in all its forms, psionics, and the ability to commune with/use spirits are considered to be a gift from Somec.
All characters worship Somec, to some degree or other. People not in Somec's Succor worship Pel.

Allowed sources: anything in the character builder and MP2

Application Process
Completed applications should be posted in the application thread. Click here.
The applications should be in the following format:
[img]Insert image url here[/img]

Backgrounds should include why the Church has noticed you in particular. There was a specific invitation from the Church to you. What makes you so special? Why do people in power know your name? You are paragon level, you have adventures in your past, you are already a known hero.

Under Item powers list what powers you want for your character. I will be reviewing these to make certain that they do not get out of hand. If I feel that you are abusing some of the privileges that I would like to extend, you will be required to make changes at my discretion.

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