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  • Created Feb 27 '10
  • Last Post Jun 28 '10 at 9:50am
  • Status Complete
  • System Iron Heroes

Game Description


In the West a prophet has come. Isightar was an unremarkable man. A farmer with a young family. He belonged to the church of the chosen but was not particularly pious. Then one day he just left without so much as saying goodbye to his wife and child. He wondered alone into the Bloodwood for many moons and the people of Chosen Bay presumed him dead.

But he returned, enlightened.

And in the East goblins are coming out of the mountains. Goblins have always raided the farms that border the Icewood mountains but now raids are a daily occurrence. The farming communities to the East have sent out a call for help.

The game starts in a small farming community called Ramshorn not far from the Eastern mountains which I have called Icewood, for want of a better name. Your character can either hail from this area or another. The adventure is adapted from a written module. It's likely to have about five or six encounters and take you up to 3rd level. If people are still enthusiastic I'll continue into a more detailed home brewed campaign.

The World

This will indeed be set in the Swordlands but, more specifically, The Bloodwood setting published by Fiery Dragon. It can be down loaded free from here. The setting is small and simple with a pioneer feel, please read it.

Character Creation

Please make your character believable for the setting and fleshed out in personality. There is a whole chapter on character development in the Iron Heroes book. Use it! Backgrounds about how you became the best shot in the village bore me to death though. I would prefer to see a RP sample, perhaps describing what your character does best or, maybe, worst. I would like to know what drives him, what he's afraid of, what makes him angry, what makes him happy. Is he generous? Rude? Where do his loyalties lie? How does he earn a living?

If `adventuring' is the answer to that last question, I doubt you'll be playing in this game.

Note what you come up with in your application is not the finished product. The character needs to be flexible and have the potential to develop. He might be a noble with disdain for peasants but, after living among them for a while, his views could change. Everything that happens in the game is a chance for your character to develop and you need to portray that with your writing. Just because you described your character in the application six months ago does not mean your fellow players remember he had a squint or a lazy eye, you have to keep reminding them.

You should also take into consideration that negative things might happen to your character. He might not be able to pull back his bow string because his hands are shaking from cold. He might lose his grip on his sword or slip over in the blood of his enemy. I need you to be able to laugh at your character's misfortunes not feel that I'm picking on you or trying to spoil your enjoyment of the game.

Only material in the Revised Iron Heroes and the Player's Companions books is available. This is not a game where I want to see you try out the latest build in the most recent WotC money spinner.

No part of the character creation process is decided by dice. All characters are Human.

Characters start at level 1. Abilities are decided via the

You start with a core of 10 in all six ability scores. You have a pool of additional points that you may spend to improve your scores. Each point you spend increases a single ability by 1 point until that score reaches 15. For each point above 15, it costs 2 points to improve an ability. For each point above 17, it costs 4 points to improve an ability by 1. You get 24 points to spend
method detailed in the Iron Heroes rules. HPs are maximum at first level. Starting gold is 150gp. Each character gains two traits. There is no such thing as alignment.

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