Coc Haunting and More Recruting

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  • Created Feb 28 '10
  • Last Post Apr 12 '10 at 12:21pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Call of Cthulhu

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i also am new to coc but i have played a little of it and i have decided to run a game just post intrest if you want to join and i will look into your application. If you are one of the people from the other game post your intrest and then submit your character

Game Premise
It's straight out of the quick start PDF (so no peeking!). If you have played CoC before, it is likely you have played this scenario as it has been included with every version of the game.

I expect this to be a game that writers will enjoy. I won't be using maps, just descriptions, though I will likely add some inline images. From what I understand, CoC tends to be investigative rather than tactical, eerily provocative yet frequently deadly.

Application Process
looking for 3-5 players
Post interest in this thread. Include a brief description and background of your investigator. These don't have to be novels - a few sentences or paragraphs is fine. Don't worry about dice rolls or character sheets just yet. I'm just looking for ideas at this point.

Character Creation
Characters can be created using the quick start PDF located at the Chaosium website with a few minor changes / clarifications:
•I'll be using the 6e rules. Investigators start with more skill points than described in the quick start.
•Investigators may place skill points in eight skills maximum to begin.
•Investigators also receive interest points. These can be placed in any skill.
•No points can be placed in Cthulhu Mythos. Beginning investigators are unaware of the Mythos.
•No skill can begin with a value higher than 75.
•Minimum starting age is EDU + 6 years. For each 10 years older you gain a point of EDU and 20 additional skill points. For every 10 years above age 40 subtract your choice of 1 STR, 1 CON, 1 DEX, or 1 APP.
•I will let each investigator know his/her income and property holdings based on a die roll.

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