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Velen. A small, independent Duchy a ways to the Southwest of Amn. Once a part of the realm of Tethyr, this Duchy gained it's independence in the year 1424 DR. The initial breakaway caused much tension with the nation of Tethyr, but over the years Velen has managed mend the relations until it was finally able to call Tethyr an ally in truth.

But all is not well in this isolated kingdom. Due to it's position, Velen is forced to do most of it's trade by sea, but lately Nelanther pirates have made it all but impossible for Velen's merchant ships to sale. Left with no other options, the High Duchess of Velen gave merchant groups that were brave enough, permission to try to transport goods overland. The merchants would have to cut through the Ogre Kingdom of Murranndin, in order to reach the trade way. As to be expected, things did not go well. But even odder is the increased sightings of groups of ogres, being spotted closer and closer to Velen's borders. Being the small Duchy that it is, Velen can hardly spare a decent portion of it's soldiers to multiple investigations. As such, the High Lady has put out a call to adventurers, stating that there is work to be found in Velen.

And so, your story begins.

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