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In the beginning there was metal... and it was FREAKING AWESOME!

And from Metal came everything, and everything was inspired by Metal. The gods came from metal, and proceeded to cultivate its awesome energies for their own. On the highest peack of the tallest mountain they did forge the instruments of destiny, and with these instruments did friggin rock!

But all was not well in the world. The chaotic ruckus gave birth to the Primordial Chaos, which in turn produced the race of demons. These foul creatures sought the power of Metal for themselves, and did wage war against the gods.

The gods created mortals to aid them in the battle against demons, giving unto them the secrets of Metal and the process by which they might rock. Humans, elves, dwarves, and stranger creatures still were formed by divine hands and set against the foul demons. A great battle took place, ripping the heavens apart in its fury.

Eventually the demons were cast down, and the gods did give the world over to their children so that they might spread metal across the land. They retreated to the heavens, but not before blessing the races of the earth with the Instruments of Destiny, warning the people of the land that the demons would rise once more, and that a band of heroes would arise from their ranks and do battle once more. They were to be given these great instruments as weapons to wield against the demons.

Eons passed, and the people grew restless. They grew distant, fought amongst themselves, and lost the great instruments to wars and other disasters. This disunity caused a great and terrible magic to sweep across the land, granting powers to some but also creating fowl monsters to lurk in the darkest places of the land.

All the while the Demons dwelt in Hell, plotting their return.

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