Horrors of the Kobold Pits

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Previous to the above scene Grunnarch, the King of Norland, specifically requested your presence in the town of Helmsheim. They have had a Kobold infestation occur in the town and many of the townsfolk have been slain. Your names were given to him as adventurers visiting the Moonshae Isles, able men and women who are rumoured to be great heroes. Thus he summoned you to his castle in Rottesheim and explained how he would like you to deal with this Kobold menace.

He has explained that these kobolds will not go down quietly or easily. They have already despatched many of Grunnarchs troops who were unable to drive them from their holes under the town. In fact they were slaughtered and the few survivors tell tales of fierce kobold warriors and tricky spell casters, though these tales are whispered around the castle in hushed tones.

You have been summoned and charged with a duty to help the common folk of Helmsheim. A great reward awaits you if you are able to clear out the kobolds and survive to tell the story.

You will begin this adventure in the town of Helmsheim, just as the latest attack is happening.

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