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The Dawn of Twilight

The world is succumbing to evil, men and women of all races hide within their homes shaking as the days go by. The world, though the people may not realize it, is in need of heroes. Rumors of war are becoming more and more common, raids and all out attacks from monstrous humanoids are becoming every day activities, and children are coming up missing.

Clerics of all the goodly races and creeds pray for guidance even as their temples burn down around them by heathen non-believers. Where are the heroes? Is the world doomed to destroy itself? Is there no good left in this world? As members of a small fishing town on the coast your village, Cedar Decatur has been seeing signs of a goblin infestation on the western boarders of town within the deep forests. This can only spell the worst for the small hamlet of just under a couple hundred. Cedar Decatur, being populated by only a handful of capable men and women is mostly populated by the really young and the really old.

Your time has come to shine, shall you shine, or will you be just another casualty in the ever present danger that the world has become?

Game Master
ViperUSMC ”Rob”

Game Explanation
The Dawn of Twilight is a series of hard hitting events that take players from level 1 to epic levels over time. The campaign will not truly start to unfold until the characters start to prove themselves, not only to those around them, but to each other as well. Apocalyptic in nature the world is slowly being destroyed around the characters, so much so that even in their small fishing village they are starting to see the repercussions. There will be plenty of combat and role play in equal measures in the main story line, however as each character is different in their own way there is the option of an open ended feel for characters to continue to play as their fantasy counterpart even as the world starts to right itself.

If you have ever wanted to build a character from start to Epic levels, own your own business, start your own guild, or even build a keep this is for you.

Note to players: The players are all from the same village and have grown up knowing one another since early childhood. This is not to say that they have to be the best of friends, but they will definitely know of each other, and have had at least a minimum amount of contact with one another. Magic is not rare, but as the village is very small there is only one wizard, and he allows for only one apprentice. For the most part in this village of Cedar Decatur, as it is in many of the other smaller villages the villagers are superstitious about magic.

Application Process
Players: 4-6

Posting rate: at least 1+/day, more in combat situations
Allowed sources: PHB, PHB2, DMG, EPHB, the complete series, and possibly others (upon DMs approval).
Races available: Only those in the afore mentioned books, nothing with a level adjustment

Statistics Creation: 28 point buy system
Hps: By book, maximum at 1st level
Level: 1
Gold: As stated by class, not maxed, but rolled. Once all equipment and items have been purchased the gold is then taken away with the exception of 5gps each. This is to represent the money that you have earned over the last month working.

Applications to consist of:
Name: Link to character

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