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Uktar, Day 2 of the Second Ride, 1372
Dear Captain Ery'ani,
It has come to my attention that the cemetary near the logging area of Olostins Hold has recently been robbed of some corpses yesterday night. I write this letter to you now, as I have just learned of these events. By the time it reaches you, rumors of necromancy will have begun to spread amongst the villagers. Though I remain optomistic of the situation, given the circumstances, I can not dismiss such things. I humbly ask that you send a few of your shields to look into these events as quickly as possible.
Daniel Axehand, Manager of the Olostin Logging Company

Welcome players to yet another game run by myself on this great forum known as Myth-weavers. Here is what you need to know about the game.

**System/Setting: The game will be D&D 3.5 using the forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. The High Forest is where the game will begin, in the village known as Olostin Hold.

**All of the PC's will know each other, having trained under Captain Ery'ani's command. You are all members of the Shields of Ostoni, the group dedicated to defending and looking into matters of the village. Your small fort where you live and train is not far from this village.

**Alignment Allowed: Any without the evil descriptor.

**Character Level: 4 (if your race has no LA) or 1 if your race has an LA

**Regions Allowed: High Forest, Silverymoon, Anauroch, Western Heartlands. If your characters race matches one of these regions, you get one free regional feat, can choose from the regional skills, and one piece of bonus equipment (you can sell this at half price if you'd rather have the gold). When creating your character, please specify the feat, skills, and bonus equipment you've chosen/decided to sell for money.

**Races Allowed: Elven (drow is acceptable), Half-Elven, Human, Halfling, Half-Orc, Orc, Gnoll, or Centaur

**Level Adjustment: You may choose a race that has an LA of +4 or less. Keep in mind however this will increase the amount of XP you need to level up. You will get the same amount of feats, skill points, and hit die of a 1st level character of your class however.

**Starting Gold: If you don't have an LA, you get the starting wealth of a level 4 character. If you do have an LA, you get 500 gold. Everyone will be given a suit of regular free armor of thier choosing. Just tell me what kind you pick on your sheet.

**Classes Allowed: Any in the PHB, DMG, FR Setting, Complete Books. No homebrew. Looking for a cleric or other healing type class however.

**Hitpoints: Max at 1st level + Con. All other hitpoint rolls upon gaining a level will be rolled (1's and 2's will be rerolled).

**Ability Scores: 4d6, drop the lowest, re-roll 1's and 2's. Assign where you want. You get to roll 3 sets and choose the set you like best. If you roll 4 6's, thats an automatic 19 you can assign. Please send me your rolls in PM. Feel free to add me as a friend.

**Skill Tricks: Are allowed, but remember to use the rules as stated.

**PVP: Is allowed as long as the reason for doing so is RP'd

**Feats Allowed: As long as you meet the pre-reqs and it makes since for your character, your welcome to take it.


I'm looking for a cleric or some type of healing class to replace the one I've booted from the game for not posting. I'd like at least 1 post a day during RP activity, more during combat. I'll select on a first come first serve basis for the task of getting the ball rolling once again.

Please post the following for your AP:
*Name and Link to Sheet, Background (including how you came to be a shield of Ostonis Hold), Personality, Goals (short or longterm, if you don't want anyone else to know send this to me in a PM)

If you have any other questions, please ask them here.

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