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Is it just me or were some of the most memorable moments from past games after the adventure had ended? Back in town at the Inn when things just got out of hand? When we as players pushed our DM to think on his feet when a shot glass was lobbed at an NPC? Or some sly rogue managed to relieve a portly merchant of his coin purse? It's in this spirit that I propose this game.

The Rusty Bucket The Old bar looks almost abandoned on the edge of the dale lands. However this run down building boasts one of the proudest adventuring traditions in all of the Realm. It was here that the legendary dragon Slayer Olaf began trading knowledge, trophies, and weapons. Since those days the Rusty bucket has served as a traditional meeting place for those looking to seek their fortunes, as blades for hire.

Concept I want this to be a very relaxed game. All players must apply a first level 3rd edition character. All Classes excepted. (as long as you can provide source material) If you wish to play a race that raises for ECL above 1, you are considered a support character until you can maintain a class level. Support Characters These characters are responsible for supplying the flavor to the rusty bucket and the surrounding country side. These characters are either exotic races who are waiting on a class level, or Player's who wish to simply roll play and not get bogged down in all that combat stuff.
Exotic Races: Since inherent racial abilities give you a distinctive edge. I ask that you role play a bit before you go adventuring, this will allow other players to balance out with you. Support characters are there to be interesting, so feel free to stretch you creative wings, but please don't ruin everyones good time.

Adventuring Random generators will be used for dungeons and treasure around the Rusty Bucket (Myth-weavers supplies these tools I figure I'll make use of them) I ask that combat Be posted as well as all dice rolls. Treasure lists must be posted to be considered valid. I would like this game to be an open book, so any one can run an adventure just cater to those willing to play.

Application Please submit your character sheet.

Adventurer's must be ECL 1 with gear purchased from Players Handbook 3.5
Support characters have no restrictions but are not allowed to adventure until game is balanced.

This is my first game so if it's a dumb idea or there are some horrendous flaws please let me know, but be constructive with your feed back please.

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