Star Wars: The Crusaders Revenge

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  • Created Mar 24 '10
  • Last Post Oct 8 '11 at 5:52pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Star Wars Saga

Game Description

A Long Time Ago,
In A Galaxy Far Far Away...

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force

The Galactic Alliance is in shambles. After the failure of the Ossus Project, worlds and sectors begin to secede from the Alliance, the most prominent of which is the Galactic Empire, led by Roan Fel. The Galactic Empire is then strengthened as the failure of the Ossus Project spreads, and causes other worlds to flock to the protection of the Galactic Empire.

It isn't long before the Empire finds itself with the ability and resources to challenge the Alliance militarily. The war rages for many years, locked in a seeming stalemate. That is, until the reemergence of the Sith, led by Darth Krayt, who have been working alongside the Moff Council. The Sith join with the Empire to wage war on the Alliance and, especially, the Jedi. With Sith aid, the Empire quickly overpowers the last of the Alliance.

After the devastating battle at Caamas, the Alliance Admiral Gar Stazi takes the remainder of the Alliance Core Fleet and retreats. The Sith then, without the approval of Emperor Roan Fel, attack the Jedi at Ossus, massacring much of the Jedi Order. The few remaining members scatter far and wide across the Galaxy. Both the Alliance and Jedi Order are broken.

Darth Krayt then shows his true colors and turns on Emperor Roan Fel, believing to have killed him. They had instead killed a decoy, and the real Roan Fel disappears into exile, along with his Imperial Knights and a few other Imperial forces, and retreats to an unknown location.

So now, the Empire is led by the Sith Darth Krayt, who has abolished the Rule of Two and has instituted the Rule of One, where there is one Dark Lord of the Sith, but many Lords, acolytes and apprentices under him. The Sith now span the galaxy, tracking down Jedi to kill them and looking for Force sensitives to train them in the Sith ways.

The Galaxy has once again become a dark place, ruled with tyranny and oppression. Dac, homeworld of the Mon Calamari has been blockaded, and eleven million Mon Cal have been slain for attempting to disobey Krayt's rule. Kashyyyk has been barricaded from the rest of the Galaxy, owing to the fact that the Empire doesn't want Wookiees involved in current events, but they don't want to oppress the Wookiee population, either. Darth Krayt has learned well from the mistakes of Emperor Palpatine. The Outer Rim has once again become ruled by Hutts and other Crime Lords. Slavery thrives. Will the Galaxy ever again know Peace?

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