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The Expansionism of Arduin, a player ran game.

People (and for that matter: Creatures) are all either working stiffs, adventurers, or just regular joes. Rumors abound about a newly found continent 'Arduin', as each continent vies for position in settling Arduin the players each representing one of a number of different continents are attempting to claim Arduin for themselves.
There is no need for characters to work together if they choose not to, once Arduin is discovered and the players begin building upon the continent no one said that Arduin has to beliong to any one continent, Arduin can become it's own power if the players so choose it.

My role as the DM will only be that of the 'governing forces', NPCs, rule master, adventure maker, and other things that come into play (sorry can't spill the beans on everything now can I?)

Character Creation Notes:

Statistics will be based on the point buy system of 38 points. No statistic may be lower than 8 or higher than 18 even after racial adjustments.

Merits and Flaws are allowed

Starting gold: by class (rolled in roll thread here:)

Upon character creation the player must choose what continent to start within, the only exception to this rule is that no one is allowed to start in Arduin

Character Applications are to be placed HERE, not in interest pages. Any applications placed in the interest forum will not be accepted, nor even considered.

Example of character application:
Name (Link to character)
Personality (In spoiler tags)
Description (In spoiler tags)
Background (In spoiler tags)

Skill Changes:
Language Skill has been changed: Common only refers to the continent that you are from. For example: A first level character gets 'common' for free, however if that same character was from, say, Andark then that character speaks 'common: Andark' or just 'Andark'

Class Changes:
Character Classes: Cleric, Druid, Monk, Paladin, or Wizard.
No one may start as any of the afore mentioned classes, it has to be earned. Players wishing to play as any of the above (and I will only accept one from each continent up to a total of 3) will start as a 0 level character. Choose stats, skills, and feat(s) normally as you would for a first level character. The NPC classes are listed in the DMG: Adept, Aristocrat, Commoner, Expert, and Warrior.

The 0 level is effective up to 500 experience points, at which time the character officially becomes level 1. Just as a level one character gets all of the specials that come with character creation the player will apply all of the skill points, feats, bonuses, and maxed Hit points that they would have gained from starting at first level. This is IN ADDITION to the skills, feats, Hit points, and bonuses the 0 level confers.

This will unbalance the class a bit, but not so much as to take away from players not playing as one of the three classes. The 500 experience points is to represent the end of the cleric, druid, monk, paladin, or wizardís apprenticeship. Other classes may apply, these were are just the base classes from the Playerís Handbook. While earning the experience before leveling to first the character should role play the end of their apprenticeship.

Example of a Human Cleric hopeful:
0 level: Adept (divine casting only)
Hit Points: 8
Str: 12 Dex: 12 Con: 14 Int: 10 Wis: 18 Cha: 14
Skills: (12 points to spend)
Concentration(Con): 3, Heal (Wis): 3, Knowledge (Religion) (Int): 3, Profession (Apothecary) (wis): 3
Combat Casting: 1st level feat
Lightning Reflexes: Human bonus feat.

After 500 experience points (end of apprenticeship):
Hit Points: 8 (from Adept class) + 10 (cleric Hps+Con bonus)= 18 Hit Points
(Skills from Adept class) + Cleric Skill points: 12
Combat Casting: 1st level feat (adept)
Lightning Reflexes: Human bonus feat. (adept)
Iron Will: 1st level feat (cleric)
Extra turning: Human bonus feat (cleric)

Of course the cleric benefits as well are added.
The Magic/Psionic transparency is in effect, they are different and will stay that way in this game.

Experience Point bonuses:
For a thorough background experience points can be earned. Role play bonuses will be in effect, as will points for adventuring. Bonus points for PvP will be awarded for combat situations where PvP is warrented. None will be awarded for someone just going about killing other players for no other reason then for the experiences.

Player versus Player (PvP):
It is allowed and at some times even encouraged. Once a character is dead that character stays dead, the only exception being raise dead abilities.

Raise Dead:
For characters who have a good friend (and a large bank account) anyone can be raised. The raising will cost an amount of gold dependent upon character level, fame, and even infamy.

What you do matters:
Want to kill everything and anything in your path? GREAT! IF that is what you want to do. There is a karma system that I will be using. Just like in real life you do not know how many people think of you, you are not going to EVER know what your karma is, but you will be able to guess by how people treat you as you gain more fame/infamy.

Starting Advantages by Country:
Many Roleplay opportunities with many fully planned role play adventures.
Andark Players start with a +4 profession competency bonus due to the economy benifits of Andark
As Durran is the most technologicly advanced country players within Durran can find it easier and more opportunities to improve their gear and research spells.
Durran players start with +4 region competency bonus to craft skills due to the technology of Durran
Odonoff is stuck in a three way civil war so many opportunities for combat experiences both large and small scale.
Odonoff players start with a +4 region competency bonus to survival checks due to the dying land of Odonoff.

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