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Arduin is a large continent recently discovered by shipwrecked sailors. When the sailors rebuilt their ship and returned to Diangelo they were full of stories about a beautiful, untamed, but ultimately dangerous land.

Tavern Stories:
Aye, she be a pretty place, but them goblin attacks nearly wiped us out. Even took Ol' Captain Anderson, and he was twice the fighter any of us be!
The land be no place for the weak, there be these lizard critters with mouths full o' razor sharp teeth that can eat a grown man whole.
Sure, the land be fertile enough, but that be because of all the dead that must of been burried there.
Yeah, old Johnson, our Master-at-arms, Pelor rest his soul, and I seen this damn giant's head over the trees. That was all we saw of the durned beastie, it's back was to us. Lucky thing it was too, else I'm sure we would have been eaten. Guess lookin' back it didn't matter, old Johnson got ate by them durn trolls a couple of days later.
The stories were all alike-Sailors all topping another's story with somthing even more dangerous.

After only a few days the same crew of sailors were loading their ship for a long voyage, and loading it with tools and weapons, things not really needed for a simple shipping route. Rumors around the docks district were that all of the crew that had been reported as ship wrecked were all still living and well. Reports of Captain Anderson and Johnson the ship's Master-as-arms were very much alive and hiding on the ship.

Game Master:

Game Explanation:
The characters have all heard the rumors of this new land as well as seen the posters for willing adventurers to scout the land and report back their findings. The King of the land, Alfonso Herrod, is willing to give out free stakes of land in this new world to all that apply for the voyage. The game will start as the ships have come close to land and start unloading cargo and people.

The game itself will be a sandbox adventure where characters can choose to or not to follow the King's directives. Those that do may or may not be given tracts of land as it is common knowledge that King Alfonso Herrod is a very greedy man.

Application Process:
Those wishing to apply need to apply in the appropriate thread within the game, any applications not within the appropriate thread may very well not be accepted or considered.

Character Creation:
Stat generation: 7m4d6v1r1
Starting Level: 3
Starting Gold: 1500gp (no magic items)

On applications include (in spoiler tags):
Reason for going to the new world

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