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The Kingdom is divided and all that remain of once proud armies are marauding bands of hired blades. Companies who live and bleed by the sword. Mercenaries.

Yet only the strong will surive. The weak are wheened out and and the powerful just grow in number and flourish while the frail and unfortunate die in their droves. Bodies plunged into unmarked graves, or left to rot in festering mounds; warnings to other bands that this area is your domain!

Is your War Band capable of withstanding the onslaught? Can you forge a mercenary group where others before you have failed. It is your only chance. It's try or die: decision time...


The Trade of Blades. E6.

This is a duel-esque game in which you create and command your own company, placing them against groups created by other online players and gradually becoming more powerful the more you win. Any number of players can enter with a War Band and I will adjudicate the matches. Here are the rules:

You start with 240 gold to forge your company.

60gp- ECL 6, 32 point buy, Max HP
50go- ECL 5, 28 point buy, Max HP lvl 1-3 rest average
40gp- ECL 4, 24 point buy, Max HP lvl 1-2 rest average
30gp- ECL 3, 20 point buy, Max HP lvl 1 rest average
20gp- ECL 2, 16 point buy, Average HP
10gp- ECL 1, 12 point buy, Average HP

Every SellSword is equipped with your choice of mundane equipment with NPC gold per lvl as appropriate. Only the commander may have a single magic item.

LA races from MM1 are allowed, templates are not.
For Lvl6 characters with extra feats, each feat costs an additional 10gp.
Raising the stakes rules apply to make each combat individual, different and immersive.
Magic users cost three times the above prices, from 30gp to 180gp.
Each company must designate a leader whom both players know. If the leader dies then his company gets a-2 moral penalty and the opponents get a +2 morale bonus on all die rolls! Why fight if you leader and payment is dead?
You start with 240 gold.
For simplicities sake you may only have three different troop types in addition to your leader. All these must be exactly the same to make things a lot easier. Feats, equipment, level and race must be exactly the same for people within each group.

Sample company:
Kar's Trade of Blades.
Kar: lvl 6 ranger. Company Commander. 60gp. Max HP
Borg: 4HD Combat Ogre. Troop type one. 60gp. Max HP
Barg: 4HD Ranged Ogre. Troop type two. 60gp. Max HP
Minions: 6 lvl 1 fighters. Troop type three. 60gp. Average HP. All must be equiped with the same arsenal.

Let the War Games commence... Who will be the greatest BladeMaster!?

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