Dragon Age: Tales of the Fourth Blight

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  • Created Apr 23 '10
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Game Description

This is a game set in the world of the Dragon Age: Origins video game, using the Dragon Age RPG rules published by Green Ronin) .

I am looking for 3-5 players. An in-depth knowledge of Thedas history is not required, but players should have a familiarity with the story, setting, and tone of Dragon Age, likely gained through playing the game at least once. Familiarity with the Dragon Age RPG system is not required; it is a relatively simple class-and-level system that emphasizes characterization over number crunching and should be fairly easy for newcomers to pick up.

The most important qualities that a player needs to demonstrate are a knowledge of characterization and an ability to compose interesting prose. In short, your submission should make me want to read more things that you write about your character. Length is not an issue. An interesting and intriguing short submission has every chance to be accepted as a well-crafted long submission.

The Dragon Age RPG system for character creation features a lot of dice rolling and random chance, but is flexible enough that you should be able to get fairly close to the character you envision, though he/she may not have his/her numbers exactly where you would have put them.

PCs will be level one, which makes them to novice adventurers trying to make their way in the world. The Dragon Age RPG (unlike, for example, D&D4e) makes no assumptions that the PCs are exceptionally heroic in their ability (though they are likely to be better than "average" people at what they do). The pre-published adventures, in fact, commonly state that character death is very possible in climactic encounters, though not likely if the PCs are smart. Though all this jives with the "Dark Fantasy" tone of the setting, it should serve as a warning to players who might have expected otherwise.

PCs will belong to one of three races and three classes, which are selected based on the Origin they choose for their character. The origins also grant bonuses to abilities (some set, some random), and those in Set 1 of the RPG (and the races and classes they permit) include:

Apostate Mage (Human, Elf, Mage)
Avaari Hillsman (Human, Warrior, Rogue)
Circle Mage (Human, Elf, Mage)
City Elf (Elf, Warrior, Rogue)
Dalish Elf (Elf, Warrior, Rogue)
Ferelden Freeman (Human, Warrior, Rogue)
Surface Dwarf (Dwarf, Warrior, Rogue)

I would consider creating other origins for different character backgrounds (such as Chasind barbarian or Chantry raised), provided the player provides a good reason to do so. All characters should be from Ferelden, however.

That's all I can think of for now. I'll add anything else that might pop into my head as it does.

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