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'A local noble looking for the aid of a group of 4 to 5 able bodied adventures for a number of tasks. Will be paid well.'

That's what the add said and here you are waiting with others you assumed answered the ad in the nearby guilds. As the noble calls the lot of you in he makes it simple and to the point. "I have a piece of land I have inherited that is useless to me at the moment. It currently has an infestation that I need dealt with quickly. I plan on using the land in the very near future. I am will to pay well if you interested."

More to be found in the forum which I plan to update as I get background stuff to add or cool ideas/questions from players.


Fourth Level
22 point buy

Looking for one of each role.

Have DDI if you want to send character via character builder email
Equipment - Magic items you start with are levels 3,4, and 5. Plus 100gp.

What I am looking for
Character sheet
Short background
Something your character loves
Something your character hates.

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