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You are newly initiated junior members of the League of Atlantis. The League of Atlantis is the premier Meta-Human group in the world, and it's hallowed membership includes the most powerful Meta-Humans that the world has ever known. As junior members, the responsibility of dealing with the more mundane tasks of the League and battling threats that conflict with the senior members' endeavors.

In the past two years, suspicion from government agencies (namely the Meta-Human Control Agency; MHCA) and fundamentalist groups has caused a backlash against even well-meaning Meta-Humans. In the United States, President Timothy Cavanaugh is under constant pressure from the MHCA as well a independent politicians and special interest groups to enact bills limiting the freedoms, and even powers, of Meta-humans. Fortunately, for the Meta-Humans, much of the lasting peace observed since the end of World War II is thanks to the Meta-Human populations. But, at the same time, the Meta-Human arm's race (world powers recruit or conscript powerful Meta-Humans into their service by almost any means necessary) threatens to unbalance this peace.

Worldwide, attacks against Meta-Humans are increasing. Men, women, and children displaying the smallest signs of powers (and in some cases, Meta-Human lineage) are isolated, targeted for prejudice, or even incarcerated. Widespread accusations of Meta-Human backgrounds and associations are common place in all aspects of society. Today, August 3rd, 2015, the League has been called to answer questions in front of a joint HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) and MHCA investigatory panel.


ToH is definitely not a Four Color game. I'd like the game to feel more grim and gritty with a decidedly "Bronze Age" comic-book feeling. Some subject matter in ToH will be more mature. Prejudice, hatred, the decision between right and wrong, and the decision between upholding the law and disregarding it are all subjects that I plan on tackling. I'd also like the majority of the game to be story driven, rather than combat driven.

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