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  • Created May 18 '10
  • Last Post Aug 13 '10 at 3:13pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Star Wars Saga

Game Description

ABY-2 (Prior to the Duel on Mimban)

With the destruction of the Death Star two years previous the Corporate Sector had come under a new CEO elected in ABY-0 following the destruction had declared sovereignty from the Empire. This man Reziel would streamline the Corporatocracy, and soon had privatized a massive naval power through raw purchasing strength. He had the charisma and finances to pull bounty hunters and pirates from the farthest fringes into a galatic navy of corsairs. With this he planned to strangle the financial powerholds of the galaxy at large, and offer a reprieval for the people if they should annex themselves in revolution.

With the destruction of the Death Star, and the constant fighting with the Rebels the loss of profits from the Corporate Sector would further complicate the issues to the point they would be unable to respond to this new Corporatocracy. Reziel a man of supreme charisma was proving to be a difficult man to counter even with the skillful propoganda of the Empire and Rebels. Men would defect at an exponential rate unchecked leading up to ABY-2. He would gladly take men from any side willing to go through the re-education, and indoctrination of the Corporatocracy.

It wasn't a hard choice for many they could either stick with the war, famine, and deprevation of the Rebels or Empire. However Reziel offered entire planets exponential social reform, agrarian reform, industrial revolution, and profit margins that would fund a golden era in even Tattooine. However in exchange the planet would be ran like a business, and be used to create another gem in the Corporate Crown. They would also be subject to re-education, indoctrination, martial law, privitization, and the disolvation of any economic transcendency. All would be sacrificed for profit and production. Worse yet was the stigma of the Thought Police. Powerful force users whose Seer Council had powerful farsight capable of predicting crime before it's occurance. Judicial process didn't exist in any Corporate planet, and the decree of the Farseer was as good as proof.

With the ever expanding border of the Corporate Sector, the stagnancy cripiling the Empire, and the Rebel Alliance losing it's steam as people prefer the safety of the Corporatocracy it becomes as situation of dire emergency to all sides involved. The Corporatocracy has not declared war but their corsairs have been strangeling trade for all sides until planets have no choice but to annex. Without the raw power to challenge the Empire or the skilled members of the Rebel Alliance the Corporatocracy has to turn to a handful of shining individuals picked for a mission to help the war efforts.

The year is ABY-2, and the Corporate War Effort will soon begin. Reziel has summoned you to his office on Telos 4....

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