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The End Times came as foretold; the Sons of Muspell led by Surtr and the forces of Niflheim led by Loki lay siege to Asgard. The Aesir came out to fight them and thus came Ragnarok, twilight of the gods, as the gods slew and were slain by the forces of fire and darkness.
The New Age did not come quite as foretold. It has been a thousand years since the great battle and while both Aesir and humans survived to repopulate and all the leaders of the Jotunar are but shades in Niflheim, the Nine Worlds are not at peace; giants and trolls, monsters of fire, ice and mists still plague the lands. Unnatural winters and fiercely burning summers, great storms and the anger of the earth strike against King Magni's rule and his attempt to rebuild the ruins of Asgard. Seeing the turmoil in the world but unable to leave the slowly growing Asgard undefended, King Magni puts forth a plan; he orders the Bifrost Bridge rebuilt so that the Nine Worlds are again connected and sends forth the younger generations to once again battle the monsters as did their ancestors of old...

Campaign premise:
You belong to the youngest generation of Aesir, the gods of the Nine Worlds. Still young and untested, you are sent by your elders away from the relative safety of Asgard and into a world plagued by monsters, giants, dragons and worse things to help the mortals. Unfortunately, after a thousand years in the mercy of monsters and without contact from their gods, the mortals no longer trust in the Aesir; the dwarves have retreated to their mountain homes, trying to resist repeated assaults from tribes of giants. The elves have retreated to the forested regions and islands to the south and east, the strongest of them setting themselves up to be worshipped as deities by wild humans. And the humans have either scatterred in tribes enslaved to more powerful creatures or have banded together in small, militarised kingdoms ruled by the most successful warriors and monster hunters that try to defend the borders against the monsters. It is a bleak world that is slowly dying but stubbornly refuses help. Your mission? Do what nobody wants you to against hideous monsters and with powers untested still. All in a day's work for young deities.

1) Level 5, 36 point-buy. You get an inherent +5 to all ability scores and max HP because you're young deities.
2) No magic items. Each of you will have one DM-given special weapon that fits with your character.
3) For race you are Aesir (use human stats and appearance), Vanir (use elf stats and appearance), mixed-blood (use half-elf stats and appearance), or jotun-blood (use half-orc or dwarf stats and appearance, though for both you'll be a foot or so taller than humans)
4) Aesir do not benefit from enhancement bonuses of any type, magic items that give constant bonuses and/or magical bonuses to ability scores. They get powers instead;

Divine Powers:
As young deities, you have a number of powers that set you well above most mortals though you aren't yet near the strength of the older gods and stronger monsters. You start with 5 points to spend on powers from the list below and will gain 1 point per level as you get stronger and more experienced. You can choose powers up to level 2 from the list, max is 5th level. Powers do NOT increase special ability or spell DCs.

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