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The city of Dakeyn. Ever covered in a veil of darkness, a strange variation of red and purple is what is illuminated from within the magical dome that covers the city. For several generations it has been cut off from the rest of the world. How exactly, nobody knows, anymore that is. It is common knowledge for the inhabitants of the city that the magical barrier that surrounds the city is the only thing that is keeping a horde of demons from entering. The one responsible for it, Archmage Verax, has not been seen anywhere within the city for the last six months. The mages in the city are able to maintain it, but should it fall, nobody would be able to produce a defense anywhere near efficient enough to keep the whole city intact. And with Verax gone, people are starting to divide themselves into factions, all with different motives and nobody to keep them all in check. Who do you side with?

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