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  • Created May 30 '10
  • Last Post Aug 24 '13 at 10:35pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Shadowrun

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In the 1990s, one in five people on the planet Earth was of Asian descent.

VITAS ravaged the planet in 2010, killing one quarter of the Earth’s population before it was done.

One in five people were born cute and cuddly as an elf or dwarf when UGE struck.

One in five people changed suddenly (and horrifically) when Goblinization started in 2021.

One in five people was online when Crash 2.0 struck. Of this one in five, one in five survived, becoming gifted with technology in a way that no one could explain –yet.
Another one in five of these died horribly, body wasting away or soul trapped within the matrix.

One in five.

Title: One in Five

System: Shadowrun, 4th Edition

Setting: Seattle, UCAS; Saturday, May 7th, 2072; 1200 Hours

Character Requirements: Characters will be built using 400 BP, no more than 35 BP in positive qualities, no more than 200 BP toward attributes, no gear with a rating greater than 12.

Players will apply for one of the following positions. Not all of these positions are necessary for the run, and a team without all positions filled is probably, if not likely. This process is just to help me organize the applications by group.

1 Face
1 Infiltration Specialist
1 Matrix Specialist
1 Mage
1 Close Combat
1 Distance Combat
1 Vehicle Specialist

In addition to this, although I’m not requiring everyone to be an Asian hermaphrodite bisexual Wiccan, I would appreciate character diversity. I’m a big believer that story is key, and I would rather see stories about the character backgrounds (keeping in mind that the characters are new runners, not veterans unless they’ve been burned or hung out to dry) and in the words of Wild Child Bound, “Most importantly, I like to see some complexity, depth, and originality in my player's characters. Not five 28-year-old straight white males and one girl with pink hair, whose entire states of beings can be summed up by their character class. It's the 2070s!”

For those of you struggling to come up with a concept, refer to these questions:

Special Note: "Obtaining the following skills: Etiquette, Perception, Dodge, and Unarmed Combat are strongly encouraged, because Fixers and Mister Johnson don't like dealing with runners with no etiquette skills, even if they have a really shiny Panther Assault Cannon. Your antisocial troll with good friends can still come along for the ride (per previous posts), but in some situations they'll be a serious liability- so will the hacker with no real-life weapons skills. Characters who default on these basic skills will find the world a much more difficult place."

Have fun! Play Shadowrun!

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