Bloodsword 1 - the Battlepits of Krarth

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This is an attempt to emulate the first book of the Blood Sword gamebook series with Dungeons and Dragons rules.

Familiarity with the books isn't a requisite to apply :)


The first in the series starts you in the land of Krarth, where Archmages rule their own territories as they please, much like Thay in Forgotten Realms. However, any disputes between these archmages are often settled during the tournament held in the battlepits of Krarth. Here, each one will sponsor a party, be it a single person or a group of many adventurers.

The purpose is to find the Emblem of Victory, the only long range teleportation device working into the Battlepits. So basically, the team that finds the Emblem gets teleported outside and it is the winner! The other poor unfortunate souls remains in the Battlepits where not even the Archmages are able to pull them out.

You arrive in time to attend the tournament, but the number of archmagi that are left to sponsor you is very limited. You have to win a sponsor, and take your skills and wits with you as you face monsters, traps and other adventurers in an attempt to be the first to reach the exit of the battlepits.

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