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Welcome to the Game A Roman Requiem. I'll be running this game, yes me. It'll be a Vampire: The Requiem game set in Roma Invictus, The City on 7 Hills, Caesar's Playground, Rome! Now this game is going to be more visceral, more interesting, and more historically inaccurate than any history lecture or history book you've ever read or heard. Think Gladiator, Spartacus and 300 as opposed to a collegiate class or History Channel documentary. Everything is turned up a notch, the depravity, the majesty, the power, the wealth and the deceit. Violence will go hand in hand with honeyed words, for every physical scuffle there will be a mental or social exchange. All this being said I am a history buff, but I can't expect anyone else to be as big of a fan as I am. Besides, who wants to play by the (History) book?

Alright time to the crunchy bits.

  • All characters get 15 exp to spend extra,
  • No one may be a part of the Lancea et Sanctum,
  • No Ventrue (Obviously),
  • All characters should explain how Kopsus came to find them, see fluff below,
  • No Character may have more than 1 dot in Status Wing or Clan, and no dots in Status Rome'
  • Most books are open to merit poaching, but run anything from outside of the Core WoD book, Requiem for Rome, and the Vampire core book, by me,
  • Ask me about using ANY bloodline. I will approve most but it is a matter of courtesy.
  • All Applications should have a 1-2 paragraph Personality and an equally long Description section. Pictures don't lessen the requirement,
  • All Applications should have at least a 3 paragraph background.
  • Players will have a chance to create their own bloodline, should they wish it.

Fluffy Story Stuff
All characters are foreigners to Rome. This could mean you're Italian, just not from the Eternal City. Emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus, or Vespasian, has just become Emperor and The Year of Four Emperors has come to an end. It's year 70 CE, the Flavian Amphitheatre, or Roman Colosseum has been announced and work is just beginning. For the last year Kopsus Innos, a Mekhet, has been traveling the Empire. According to him it was to experience the Empire before Nero's madness destroyed it. He has found 6 promising Kindred with which he has returned to Rome with. He has little political clout, but most tend to respect the wisdom of a man so well traveled. From cities and towns, farms and fields you have come finally to the Shining City of Rome.

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