Shadows of Friedman's Gulch

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Game Information
  • Created Jun 14 '10
  • Last Post Aug 19 '10 at 2:49am
  • Status Complete
  • System D20 Past

Game Description

"Welcome to Friedman's Gulch, we be good people, most of us. Folks that hate trouble and keep their noses out of other people's business. What, that scratchin at night... ignore that fool thing, just them cats. I tell you Friedman's gulch be a good place, for good folk... just don't cha go poking in the wrong holes,"

This is a supernatural mystery/horror game in the old west along the lines of shows like Supernatural, games like Alan Wake and other similar inspirations. Players will either be new arrivals in Friedman's Gulch or residents and will investigate, be scared out of their pants or battle a supernatural threat (depending on their mettle)

Expect to have a lot of staples of Old West stories but also that this game will be treated with seriousness. Action, combat and badass stare downs certainly have their place, but this is to be about mystery and horror.

The Setting

1837, Friedman's Gulch
Friedman's Gulch, a small town on the Border between Louisiana state and Texas. Dusty, hot and right on one of the well traveled roads that connect the two states. Friedman's Gulch can best be described as small and frantic during the more active seasons or sleepy and tiny in the slower months. Like most Old West towns, commodities may be things to be sent for brought in by traveling merchants.

And there are a lot of things not talked about...

Character Creation
Level 3 characters using the d20 modern rule set. I need a good background, players will be picked based on my appreciation of the concepts presented. I need fully fleshed out characters, stats in this regard will be less important until Fluff has been arranged to satisfaction.

Prospective players should decide if their characters have just arrived in Friedman's Gulch or if they are residents. In both cases this will require some discussion with me to round out the details. PMs for more information are not only welcome, but expected to help players with character creation.

One thing I will stress the importance of, this is an occult mystery/horror game. If prospective players want to their characters to have had experiences with the supernatural these should be singular, terrifying experiences and what knowledge they might have on the occult and supernatural should based on real world concepts. A priest may know what he was taught in his training, a native might now about legends etc. But there will be no enchanted six-shooter wielding Van Helsing's in this game. Realism is needed, the supernatural is not common place, it is legends, word to mouth, rumors and scary events people don't talk about.

Allowed Books:
D20 modern core book
D20 Past
Modern Player's companion
Dark Matter (Case by case basis)
Urban Arcana (again, case by case basis)

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