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This game is based on worlds and ideas inspired by kung fu comics and movies. Particularly the Oriental Heroes, Blood Sword and Buddha's Palm comics, but for an excellent example in film you can't go past The Storm Riders.

The world of Dragon in Ninth Heaven is full of high powered kung fu heroes leaping around, rescuing innocents and battling evil villains, destroying all in their path to achieve their goal. It has all the staples of Hong Kong cinema - tragic love stories, vengeance, young heroes, old masters, secret techniques, cults, temples and epic battles!

This game is a test for the combat system of the D&D 4E version of the game (and the 4th incarnation of this game over the years). The game itself is a modification of the 4E rules. There will be four to five level one characters running through a series of combat encounters similar to a dungeon delve and I am looking for feedback on the game system as it exists at first level. I also have a posting format that I would like people to use.
Examples of posts and the code required will be posted in the introductory thread.

Please refer to the rulebook hosted here for character creation details: Rulebook

There is general discussion of the game and some older copies of the rules for anyone interested in the history of the game here: game development blog

Finally, here is some source material for inspiration!




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