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This is a GOOD v. EVIL game. You can choose to be good (option 1 below) or evil (option 2 below).

Option 1: You are a

GOOD guy. You have just entered a tavern with the post-board for the town sitting out front. On that post board you read the call for help, which read, "NEED ASSISTANCE, Goblin Tribe attacking the hamlet outside of town, See Innkeeper inside for details." Inside you see the average patronage for an Inn. You head to the bar, ask the innkeeper about the post, and he directs you to one of the rooms in the back. You see a couple of other people interested in this job as well, you find a seat and start introducing yourself to the others.

Option 2: You are an
EVIL guy. It has been about two days since you left the goblin tribe. You and your recently appointed companions are heading back to a cave were you left some gold for safekeeping against the goblins. You were sad to part with the legendary set that was given to you by your superiors. The goblins did promise to attack the location you said, but you still feel that the price was too much. You let it go when you arrive at the cave.

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