The Blades of Five Sorrows

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On the 7th Day of the month of Rhaan Year 998, A group of individuals managed to stop an army of led by a Half-Dragon Hobgoblin and foil the plot to unleash Overlord Tiamat from her city-sized dragonshard prison in the Pit of Five Sorrows in Argonnessen.

However, the plans of the Khyber overlords is far reaching and this is but a small step in an intricate plan to free the Daughter of Khyber. The Lords of Dust are on the move, and the Dragons of Argonnessen are watching, waiting for the time when intervention is necessary. Should the Dragons intervene, civilization in Khorvaire would be annihilated in one fell swoop; A repeat of what happened to the civilization of Giants in Xen'drik thousands of years ago.

All hope is not lost though. The Chamber is fighting against the Lords of Dust in the shadows. With the draconic prophecy of slowly showing unraveling itself, both sides are manipulating it to the most favorable outcome. And you are in the middle of it all.

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Sypheros 7, 998YK

A few weeks before, a Morgrave Universty expedition discovered ruins dating back to the Age of Demons. Out of the ten who went, only one returned. He could not provide answers as he had lost his grip on sanity. The only thing he could provide, was the phrase "Five Sorrows" which in Draconic refers to the Daughter of Khyber; Tiamat.

Morgrave University, wishing to discover the secrets of the ruin and to find out what happened to the men of the earlier expedition, is calling out for volunteers brave enough to investigate. The expedition is fraught with dangers, but the rewards are beyond measure. Will you be one of the few volunteers to journey into the unknown?

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