The Birth of Alfreya

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"In the beginning; Alfreya. She made them all, and all that are. She waits for them to learn."
-Mantra of the Nine

Alfreya, a new world, is ready to be explored! You, as the players, will have the power to make things change. You, as the players, can shape Alfreya forever.

The party is lured to the land of Keksmet, and travel to the eponymous city of Keksmet, each for their own reasons. Is it the call of glory that motivates you? Or the rumors of treasure, both within the depths of the city and across the land? Or is it a higher power's guidance, pushing you with an unseen hand towards something greater? You decide.

The Traveler's Guild has called on you. Will you accept?

This campaign will include

  • Exploration of a New World, which Players have the ability and means to help shape.
  • Quests that will lead to many different paths.
  • Good, Old-Fashioned Combat.
  • Plenty of Opportunities to Roleplay.
  • An underlying, driving mystery.
  • A Shiny Kobold.
  • and much, much more!

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