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I always wanted a chance to run the Shackled City Path, so I thought to do so with my own added flavor, and background. Since many people have played it, and I am very fond of it myself. So here is what I have for a story background...

The City of Cauldron, known to you all, as it is the place of your birth. Though it may not be the place you once recall it to be now. Many years ago a elven King named Tirilon Everdusk that lived on the outskirts of the City itself adopted you from the Orphanage in Cauldron, raising you as his own regardless of your race, or gender. He was a very good father. He gave without expecting anything in return and loved his children unconditionally. When you were ready to go out into the World, he helped to equip you for the tasks ahead of you. Always keeping in contact via letters or animal messenger.

Recently the letters stopped coming and that was something to be worried, about. Than came the letter from the Lord Seneschal of your father's death. The letter is not long nor elaborate. It is as though he can not say more than what he puts in the letter, and so when you read it you can see where it is important that you return to Cauldron, not only for your fathers funeral but because something is going on.

To The Children of Tirilon Everdusk,
It is with great sadness that I pin this as King Everdusk has always been a fond patron of mine. That on Eleint 3rd 1361 he has passed on to be with his ancestors in Arvandor. As the sole executor of his will, and his properties I must request that you meet with me on Eleint the 21st at his Harvest Home in Cauldron. I will look forward to seeing you than. Of course quarters will be prepared for you, and you will be shown the same warmth and grace that you have always as his beloved children been shown. It is imperative that we must talk.
Your Friend,
Lord Seneschal Azaneali Noir

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