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I tried to run this campaign on here a while back, and it failed fairly early on, mostly due to my own busy schedule at the time. I'd like to take another shot at running it now that my schedule is a little less insane. You, as a player, should be able to post at least once a day.

Everyone knows classes are not balanced with one another. I obviously cannot fix that entirely, but the following house rules are in effect to make some less popular class choices more viable.

I'm probably looking for four, maybe five players. I will attempt to pick a team that will work well together in combat, but there will of course be other determining factors. Spelling and formatting count, for example.

  • The Knight class gains a good Fortitude save.
  • The Marshal class gains a full base attack bonus.
  • Rogues gain two extra skill points per level.
  • Spontaneous casters do not need to spend extra time applying metamagic to their spells.
  • These are just the examples I can think of. If you choose a weak class not mentioned here, I may or may not buff said class.

Character CreationCharacter creation rules are fairly simple.

You will be starting at ECL 3, with standard wealth by level.
32 point buy, or, roll four dice, drop one, rerolling ones. I have no idea how to notate that.
I would prefer if characters were not evil, but a particularly compelling character concept that happens to have an evil alignment might make it in, should said character be able to work as part of a team.
Automatically accepted sources include:
  • Core
  • Complete Series (No Frenzied Berserker or Hulking Hurler from Complete Warrior.)
  • Spell Compendium
  • Magic Item Compendium
  • Player's Handbook II

Other than that, ask and you shall generally receive. I'm pretty lenient, and I like creative characters that I haven't seen before. Tome of Battle is fine. Psionics are fine, with the exception of the Ardent class, which is just silly. I'm fine with reflavoring classes and feats from other settings, so long as I'm able to look at them first.

With all that out of the way, the only thing left to talk about is the setting. Again, players are welcome to create their own mark upon the world. If none of these cities matches the cold, harsh magocracy your character was forced to grow up in, by all means, describe it. It's as much your world as it is mine.


Okay, that's it for now. I ask that you have backgrounds, but they don't need to be impossibly large works of fiction. All I ask is that your character has some reason for being in Valarinth, because that's where the opening scenario is taking place. If you wish to entwine your backgrounds, that's perfectly alright.

Any questions should be posted here for now. I'll be choosing applicants on Thursday, July 22nd. Having a character sheet done by then will greatly help your chances. You should feel free to add to the world in your background. The initial scenario will take place in the area around Valarinth, a city in Kimil. To give you an idea of why your character might be there, there are a few problems in Valarinth. For one, the wolves in the area have been wildly active as of late, oftentimes attacking travellers. Another issue is a roadblock that the Watchers have set up, which is creating quite a problem for arms dealers looking to peddle their wares at the Valarinthian tournament. Other issues do exist, of course, but these are the primary points of conversation in the area.

Any questions or comments, either post here or PM me.

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