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  • Created Jul 19 '10
  • Last Post Aug 15 '10 at 2:55am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Fate/Fudge

Game Description

Japanese Title: TV Tropes: the Movie: The Game

The take is this; you know how in Dresden Files and SotC your last three Aspects are "Your Story and the stories of two other people?" Well this game takes that one step further; you are a character from a world you create, your Story. Every Story exists as a separate entity in the Verse; the sum of every tale ever told.

Until now.

The Verse is fraying, Stories are being cannibalized for their essence and left to bleed into the void. Genres are being crossed, lines are blurring, canon is being rewritten. And that's where you guys come in: as the representatives for your Story, each of you sally forth for reasons beholden to you. Maybe you want to restore the Verse to it's original state, maybe you want to get more recognition, maybe you just want to fart about and see the sights of the Verse. Who knows?

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