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“I reckon wouldn’ go there if I was you.

I reckon I’d just let it… slip from y’er mind, boy. Let it fade’h from y’er memory, as I’ve le’d it fade’h from mine. I would not send y’all to y’er deaths, when you’re y’all just so damn, young and precious, aren’tcha? Jus’, turn ‘round kids. Turn ‘round and walk away. Y’all don’t want to go there, y’all don’t wanna die…

I toldcha no! I ain’t sending ya ther’ ta die. I ain’t sendin’ no more o’ y’all to die…

Fine. Fine! Y’all wanna die tha’ bad? Y’all wanna know the truth? You wanna know where to find that thrice damned slumbitch that done killed mah crew and done laugh’d ‘bout it? You wanna know the legend? Well, I’ll tell ya disrespectin’ fools.

There is a place. An’ old place. Older then that, youngin’, older still. There is a place where adventurers like y’erselves go ta’ die. Y’all ever heard o’ Salzar the Firebreather? No? How ‘bout Atredies the One-Eyed? Ol’ Mack Orc-Choppa’h? Surely Switchblade Jack? No? Bah! O’ course not, y’all never respect y’er elders. Never honor the names of them that done gone before ya. Well, ther’ dead, damnit. All dead. Every. Las’. One of ‘em. Dead! And that bastard laughing all the time.

Beyond yond’ hills, through them frozen mountains then the black woods and those swamps, y’all know the ones. Tell y’ah what, I’ll draw y’all a map if you slip me a fiver? No? Well, worth a shot. Look at me, I ca’ get no work any more. They use’tah call me the fastes’ sword draw in this side o’ the world. Well, I can’t be no damned fastes’ draw without no goddamned ****in’ swoard arm now can I?

Now listen up, kiddies. Listen up, an’ I will tell y’all ‘bout the Lich Acererak and his Tomb of Horrors…”

Yes, the Tomb of Horrors. The classic adventure written by the man himself, Gary Gygax, and adapted to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e. Most of us have heard, by reputation, of the forbidden Tomb that seems to swallow adventurers whole. And for those of you who have not… Well all the more better. I, recently, had the pleasure of being run through the adventure... My ill-fated team and I got about halfway through and panicked… There were no survivors.

This would be intended as one-shot game for 6 adventurers (although, if the majority survived, the adventure could be continued beyond the Tomb). The focus would be on the Tomb itself, and what lies within.

DnD 3.5e Core books. 9th level Standard, roll stats (I feel like I am taking a leap of faith here, and I retain the right to demand rerolls). Custom items and material from other sources may be permitted, on a case by case basis, if it utilized for non-power gaming purposes. The application thread is in the Game Forum.

We don’ take kindly to power-gamers round these parts, boy.

This is a THINKING adventure, thus the material limitation.

Oh and yes, the adventure is posted online. And yes, you could go and look it up and power through the adventure. That is called spoilers. Spoilers ruin things. Don’t be that guy. This is an adventure you can only really run through once… so let your first time be… magical.

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