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"The dragon's a myth," they said. "You'll get rick quick," they said. "There isn't really any danger," they said. Tell that to the shattered caravan.

Lured by the promise of easy gold--a diamond mine that hardly needs digging--you hitched a ride on a caravan heading south into the frigid wastes. Whether you wanted the money to pay off a debt, to support a family, or just for the sake of wealth, what you received was not what you expected. The unnamed and aggressive young dragon, known colloquially as Black Ice, obscured the sun and swooped down without warning. You had been told he wasn't real, but his claws and teeth provided irrefutable evidence to the contrary. He destroyed the caravan, routed the survivors, and in his fury collapsed the entrance to the cave you found shelter in. Now the only way through is forward, into the depths of the icy cavern.

And the sound of far-off scratching suggests you aren't the only occupants.

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