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  • Created Jul 31 '10
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Looking for: As many people who want to play


"Sir, scouts have finally reported back from Earth. It seems a band of warriors has killed all of high command. King Cold, Lord Freeza and Lord Cooler are all dead. Coolers' Armored Squad and the Ginyu force have all been killed as well." The blue alien said to his commander.

"Great, and with the revival of the Saiyan Empire, and the Namekians claiming a section of space, things just got a ton worse." The Commander said, sighing deeply as he looked at the remains of the Planet Trade Federation. "Things went from bad to worse in a hurry. Who know that with the founding three gone, this would all go to hell? Gather the remaining troops, we are going to strike out against these worlds and continue the Empire."

Thanks in information leaks in the PTF, Earth, Namek, New Vegeta, and several other plants in the Allied Worlds hear of this. The path of the PTF is clear to the section of space that are going to attack, and on the resupply world, a group of soldiers lands, preparing to start the war early and catch the Federation off balance.


Alright, as this says, this story is taking place in an alternate universe. Woot!

The system itself is one that is homebrew and made of awesome. Its simple, streamline, but looks like a massive wall of text. Get out your decoder rings!


Races! We need them! Each race has bonuses and banes:

Humans: Fleet of Foot (+10% boost to speed stat after adding any points to it), Quick Learners (When training, they gain an addition 10% to their post training power level, and one special move), Ki transfer/absorb (Humans can transfer ki to another race or gain it if being offered it), adaptive fighting (Humans gain a +10% to one score each round for the cost of one ki, this only lasts 1 round and fades afterwards)

Saiyans: tail weakness (1/2 defense while you still have a tail, allows for Oozaru transform), Oozaru (x10 ATK, DEF, no change to speed, costs 1 Ki to use, cannot gain ki while transformed.), Zenkai (If reduced to 35% or less HP, when healed, they gain 30% boost to their powerlevel, if killed and then revived, it is only a 10%. To prevent abuse, this will be handed out by the GM only.)

Changelings: Full Power! (+10% to stats per ki point used, costs 1 ki to use and 1 ki to maintain, cannot gain Ki while transformed, instantly gain 5 ki points from using this ability), hidden powers (Unknown), resistant (+50% HP), Tough as nails (Once per combat, if recuced to 0HP or less, they can stand up with 10% and get a free, non counterable attack)

Aliens/Mutants: Custom, Due to the nature of the Aliens/mutants in DBZ, I am leaving this one rather open. It allows for the most customization and the most freedom. Examples of Aliens inculde Cui, the Ginyu Force, and people like that.

Namekians: Resistant (+50% HP), warrior clan (Mystic attack, allows a free second attack at the cost of one Ki, can't be used to allow more attacks, 1 ki point) and Dragon Clan (Healing abilities [1ki point per 10% heal), regeneration (Heals 30% of HP at the cost of 5% of your stats), Giant Form (costs 1 ki to use, 1 ki to maintain. x8 ATK/DEF, no change to speed)

Demons: Resistant (+50% HP), Magical Materialization (1 ki point for a weapon [+10% atk, -10% speed), Too Tough to Die (Once per combat, if defeated, a Demon can stand back up at the start of the next turn at 15% HP and get a free attack that does not cost any Ki), Dark Magic (+10% ATK/+5% Speed attack, 1 ki point)

Kaios: Frail build (-10% HP), natural healer (1 ki point per 10% heal), Spur Death's Touch (Once per combat, if defeated, a Kiao can stand back up at the start of the next turn at 15% HP and get a free attack that does not cost any Ki), Holy Magic (+5% ATK/+10% Speed, 1 ki point)

Power Levels

Ok, basic idea behind it is simple. You all have a power level, yay power levels. They break down as followed:

PL: The amount of power you have in total
HP: equal to your power level (Unless abilities change this)
Atk: This is your attack ability, how you deal damage and the like.
Def: This is your ability to decrease damage dealt to you
Speed: Decides Order, as well as what happens each turn.

Say you have a power level of 300 for sake of ease.
Power level: 300, HP: 300 ATK: 100, DEF: 100, Speed: 100

Now, for those neat-o things I was talking about. Wee! You have stats! Stats 101:
Ok, say you attack someone. They have everything the same as you.

Hero: Power level: 300, HP: 300 ATK: 100, DEF: 100, Speed: 100
Bad dude: Power level: 300, HP: 300 ATK: 100, DEF: 100, Speed: 100

Hero attacks Bad dude. <insert attack stuff here> (Deals 100 points of damage [300 --> 200])
Damage dealt formula [ (Attackers ATK/Defenders DEF) X Attackers ATK]

Now then. Speed plays an interesting role in this game. If your speed is double that of your foe, they cannot hit you. If you are double at least over someone, you can attack them twice. The higher up you are, the more attacks you get. If you are less than double, you don't get the extra attack.

Now that you have your basic stats! Yay! Ok, but what are basic stats without special attacks?!

Special Attacks

Inventing time! We have a lot of special attacks to use, you get to decide what ones you use!

Super Beam: +10% Attack/+5% Speed (Example: Kamehameha)
Lancing Beam: +15% Attack (example: Do Don Ray)
Super Ball: 5% Attack/10% speed (Example: Big Bang Attack)
Controlled Ki Ball: +5% ATK, ignores double speed (Example: Spirit Ball)

Each race gets a certian number of special attacks:
Changlings (Freeza's race)/Aliens (example: Cui)/Mutants (example: Ginyu): 3
Saiyans: 3
Demons/Kiao's: 4
Namekians: 5
Humans: 5

Woot. Now you have super attacks! But what fuels them? How do I use them?


Being Ki attacks, they are fueled by... Ki! Big surprise. Now, the reason I do everything in percents is simple. If you use an attack, you can pour in more then 1 ki point. At 1 ki you get the base, at 2 ki you act as though it was more powerful. Like if I used 2 ki for a Do Don Ray, it would add 30% to my ATK for that one shot.

Now then, what varies is the how many you get from turn to turn from simply gathering Ki.

Changlings (Freeza's race)/Aliens (example: Cui)/Mutants (example: Ginyu): 3
Saiyans: 3
Demons/Kiao's: 4
Namekians: 4
Humans: 5

Everyone regardless of race starts out with 4 Ki points to use. This is only altered by use of Ki attacks, or other abilities that use Ki.

Power Levels.

Now then, moving on things get fun. You have your base power level... But, how to you make it better? Easy! Beating people down or training!

Ok, how do I get PL from those?

Well I'm glad you asked. Itís a rather simple process.

Remember our Hero vs Bad Guy example? Well letís use that again.

Hero beat the day lights out of Bad Guy, killing him with a super attack.

Hero gains 30% of his foes power level. Up to a max of 50% of his own. So Hero would go from (300 ---> 390).

What do you mean, to a max of 50% of his own? Well then, say he beat someone by pure luck with a PL of 600. 30% of 600 = 180. But, that is over 50% of his current PL. So he would only gain +150 to his PL (300 ---> 450).

See, pretty easy. At least for combat. Training is a bit tougher. It involves items on hand, training alone, or together, and what you all do for that training. This is done in an RP post. I give points for speed of the post, training used, spelling, and length of the RP story you do. If it something poor, expect to get a low score, if it is high quality and above and beyond what most do, expect a high score.

And please, do not have a saiyan go SSJ in your RP post. As what most would consider the 'Game Master' I will decide when and how it happens, if it does. That goes with all races and their super forms.


How to apply:

Its easy!


Everyone will be given a score based off their level of detail, original concept, and speed in which they get these in. How it is graded is for my eyes only, but its a fun to leave ya wondering.

Any questions?

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