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The world is at war. Five years ago, Amu'sabith, the most powerful lich in all of legend, overthrew the government of the once peaceful nation of Drakara. Now Drakara's armies, imbued with an unnatural dogmatic fervor and bolstered by legions of undead and golems, are slowly marching across the world. With every nation they conquer, they find new supplies and new soldiers, never slowing in their relentless march.

You find yourself in The Republic of Eowythe. Whether this place is your home or simply a passing residence does not matter. The land is full of refugees and the people are desperate. Drakara is right on your doorstep. They will be upon you in weeks.

If Amu'sabith is to be stopped, it will require a power beyond any Heaven or Earth has seen in a millenia. There have been whispers: rumors passed between the frightened refugees and soldiers of the doomed world. A temple has built itself in the mountains, emerging overnight, but all entry to it is barred. Could it be that, inside this temple, the answer to humanity's prayers lies waiting to be claimed?

The DM

This is my first campaign DMed on Myth-Weavers, and I'm excited. I plan to have this game be fueled by High-Octane Awesome, with the occasional switch to Tongue-In-Cheek. In my campaigns, Rule of Cool trumps RAW, this campaign especially. If you make a plan that's too awesome to fail, I'll give you a reroll if the dice don't go your way.

Character Creation

Character Level 8th. The completes and ToB are universally accepted, other stuff run by me.

DO NOT worry about character power. I will balance all the PCs against each other by working WITH YOU to make a character you want to play. That means rewriting feats, adding bonuses, and even homebrewing entire base classes if that's what it takes. You can pick the most unoptimized build you can imagine, like a halfling shield fighter, and I guarantee you'll be just as powerful as the ubercharger.

Familiarize yourself with the Houserules. This is a Heroic Fantasy game, not your typical dungeons and dragons magical escapade. I want to see Rampaging Barbarians, Quick Witted Swashbucklers, Dead-Eyed Gunslingers, and, hell, even a Blind Swordsman or two. Your characters are Heroes and Anti-Heroes, and they are Awesome. Don't pitch something Boring at me. Don't pitch something crazy at me. The Thri-Kreen WereBear may be a hell of a fighter, but here he's got nothing on the Human with the Rapier.

That said, you can submit anything you want. The weirder your submission is, the less likely it is to get in. If you have a question or want my opinion, PM me. I'll tell you; you might be surprised. But do us both a favor and don't try to break the game. I'm pretty good at spotting cheese, and any attempts at having something just lain broken or obscenely powerful will be shot down. Be honest with me as to what you will get out of anything you ask for. Any attempts to slip something past me to get a bonus will not be met well.

But keep in mind that, despite all this talk about mechanics, the MOST IMPORTANT thing to me is the character itself. I want to get to know your character, how he thinks, how he acts. I want to know how you present him. It's the characters and the players that make great games, not the numbers. I want you to reach down inside and create something interesting that you can put your heart and soul in to. Something you WANT to play. This game world is largely undeveloped, and most of it will be totally unimportant. Feel free to make up just about anything you want for your backgrounds.

Don't worry about your build's power. You decide what you want to play, THEN use a few classes and feats to try and make that character. I will be happy to homebrew anything within reason to give you what you want to play.


Everyone is accepted automatically! That's right. However, only a handful of you will be selected to be PCs. When you make your character profile, you have completed step one of the process. There is a Pre-PC Play section of the game, and therein you will complete step two. Before the game begins, I want you to Roleplay your character for me. You can do anything you want inside. You can write stories from your character's background, I could DM mini adventures for yours and others' characters, or you could Roleplay with other applicants. THIS is how I will select PCs, by picking the people who are most dedicated to PLAYING this game and their characters. We've all seen 30 people apply to a game and, when it gets started, half of the people acepted don't get a dozen posts in.

That's not happening here.

If you don't get accepted first round, stick around. If someone drops, rest assured his character will die faster than a fish in the desert and I will find a way for you to join the PCs. And I'll be sticking around the the Pre-PC to make everything interesting for the applicants, even after the PC adventure starts.

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