Red Hand of Doom 4e

Game Description

Red Hand of Doom

This campaign originally began here on the Weave with two groups of six players, each following different paths along the same time line. But real life events and personal issues have forced me to condense the remaining players down into a single group of eight and reset the campaign slightly to accommodate for some of those changes.

Based on the original 3rd Edition adventure, Red Hand of Doom, this campaign for the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game is an adaptation of the one of the most popular and exciting modules ever created in any edition. The peace in the land is threatened by an undiscovered nemesis that seeks nothing less than the complete annihilation of all the people within the Elsir Vale. Adventurers seeking their fortunes may soon discover the difference between what it is to be a treasure hunter and what it means to become a true hero.

This game is not for everyone. The style of play is very deliberate and detail-oriented with a strong emphasis on team play, story telling, and role playing, but without sacrificing the tactical and mechanical aspects of the game. Battles are fought out in detail, often involving unique developments and real role playing opportunities between all the dice rolling to create a more exciting, cinematic style of play. In short, this campaign does not favor one style of play over another, but embraces all the best aspects of every style to create what is hoped to be a truly unique role playing experience.

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