Bringing Back the Sunwell

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  • Created Aug 19 '10
  • Last Post Jul 10 '11 at 2:09am
  • Status Aborted
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Game Description

Hruon Firesinger, shaman of his tauren tribe, stood atop a hill and looked east out upon the sweeping lands of Mulgore as a southerly breeze played over his fur and whispered through the grass. A sense of rightness and stability touched the edge of his thoughts, felt through his feet planted firmly upon the ground. Yes, here the tauren people could make a true home… here they could stand against the centaur, here they could explore their traditions freely. As the sun bled slowly over the horizon, Hruon Firesinger smiled. It was the smile of grim determination, which his people would need to keep forging their new homeland — but it was also the smile of hope.

In the western lands of Kalimdor, the Alliance and Horde were both ready to settle into their new homelands, respect their truce and lick their wounds when unexpected attacks came in the orcs’ new country of Durotar. Alliance forces from shattered Lordaeron, led by Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, were determined to defeat the orcs once and for all, against the wishes of the Theramore Alliance officials. Jaina Proudmoore, the Admiral’s daughter and leader of the Alliance, respects the orc who fought at her side in the Third War, Warchief Thrall, and wished to keep the truce. Thrall chose to believe her, and when he attacked he spared her and her supporters, killing her father and his forces.

In the eastern lands of Lordaeron, Khaz Modan and Azeroth, hope sputters and threatens to die as the
undead rampage across the northern lands and demons and orc warlocks converge in the south. It is no wonder both the Alliance and Horde fled west when hope was lost, but there are still a considerable number of stubborn fighters left on the continent, determined to keep their homes regardless of the threat.

The truce between the Horde and Theramore Isle is holding, but there are grudges on both sides. Both
Alliance and Horde races expand across Kalimdor, settling in whatever habitable locations they can find.

Lordaeron remains controlled by the undead, although a civil war rages between Arthas’ Scourge and those undead who have broken his control, called the Forsaken. Demons roam freely across the world, terrorizing what few human forces remain.

Although the world has suffered bloodshed and warfare for years, there is still no indication that the turmoil will end soon. Each of the mortal races begins to position itself for what could soon become the most crucial period of time in the world’s history.


Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, the immensely powerful red dragon aspect, believes the Sunwell can be rejuvenated. She is involved with other affairs in Grim Batol, however, so she asks several powerful heroes to help her. To recreate the Sunwell, various items must be gathered from around the world: a vial of Well of Eternity water from Kalimdor; three crushed gems from Pandaria; a titan-made chalice held by the goblin trade princes in Undermine; and the skull of the last Sunstrider king (Prince Kael-Thas’ father), which the blood elves took to Outland. Also needed are at least 300 living high elves. Gathering them involves rounding up refugees from Zul’Aman, scouring the world for the few high elves left in various cities and/or forcing blood elves to repent. The heroes must accomplish this feat while fighting off all those who seek to foil them: the Scourge, naga, blood elves and perhaps even the night elves and other independent factions.

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