Aftermath: Dresdenverse NYC

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  • Created Sep 1 '10
  • Last Post Oct 28 '10 at 10:55pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dresden Files

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BE YE WARNED: The game takes place after the main events in Jim Butcher's Changes and contains spoilers in the background. Deadline for character submission is September 17th, 2010.

What's going on?

A lot has happened to the supernatural community in a very short time. A couple weeks ago was the Night of Bad Dreams, where sensitives worldwide almost all experienced deeply disturbing nightmares with the deaths of children figuring prominently. Over the next few days reports began emerging of bodies found dead, their hearts literally torn out from inside their chests. There didn't appear to be any discernible pattern, aside from the phrase "Latin American" turning up frequently in the news coverage of the incidents. The few names that get released by the NYPD before coverage mysteriously vanished belonged to people suspected of ties to any number of criminal organizations, and one wilder rumor that made the rounds held that the entire leadership of MS-13 was found dead as a doornail in Brooklyn. Those in the know, however, began connecting the dots and the conventional wisdom is that somehow one spell took out quite possibly the entire Red Court.

To some, almost as big was the news that one Harry Dresden had taken up the mantle of Winter Knight before seemingly vanishing completely. Given that the ultimate sources of the news have all been excitable Faerie contacts, the general consensus among the magical community is that There's Something They're Not Telling Us but the essential truth of the situation is indisputable.

To say that this has raised tension levels among the various factions operating beneath New York's surface would guarantee medal placement in the Understatement Olympics, but so far things have stayed under control. Whether they'll stay that way is another matter. Faerie activity has been steadily escalating in New York over the past year and seems to have stepped up again following the Night of Bad Dreams. Rumors are even starting to circulate among the lunatic fringe that not only are there two whole Faerie Courts besides Winter and Summer, but they're both looking at making a comeback right here in the Big Apple. Add to that whispers of growing insanity in the local White Court, the power vacuum created by the apparent wholesale extinction of an entire supernatural species, and the unfortunate fact that a city of 8 million people is policed by a single Warden of the White Council and you've got what some might call a powder-keg and others the calm before the storm.

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