Gaslight Investigations

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  • Created Sep 6 '10
  • Last Post Oct 18 '13 at 6:43pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Fate/Fudge

Game Description

Game Concepts
This is a Horror/Detective game set in Victorian London (1880's).

The world looks and feels like the historical era. The key difference is that supernatural/magical elements can be involved, although they generally remain in the hands of the GM. The PCs are on their own, using legends, etc to aid them. The PCs will have only their wits and skills to defeat these threats and, even when a little supernatural/magic is given to them, its use is likely limited to the outcome of the current adventure. Supernatural/magical enemies will not be the only enemies. Horror can also apply to deviant actions by normal people (i.e. Jack the Ripper).

At the onset of the game, the characters have been brought together in an ad-hoc investigative group. This group is the brain child of a Dr. Anton Arnheim; a preeminent alienist and subject matter expert for Scotland Yard (officially known as the "Criminal Investigations Division"). Their regular inspectors, inadequate to deal with the more macabre incidents London is subject to, have turned to Dr. Arnheim's group, which has been granted official status, with each of its members given papers that identify them as "Consultants" of the Metropolitan Police Force's (MPF) Criminal Investigations Division (CID).

So you can get a feel for where I'm coming from here are some of the stories that have informed my thinking on this game:

The movie “From Hell”
The book “The Alienist” (* excellent read!)
The TV series’: X-Files, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
Anything from Lovecraft

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