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InterludeAs winds sweeps across the mountains and the waters erode the stone, time passes for the people of Eberron.

The Last War has ended, bringing with it a time of peace, where new nations were born and the the mistakes of the post would serve as lessons for the future. Yet old enmities die hard and there are still those that vie for power as old evils stir beneath the lands. Ancient plots begin to manifest themselves in the dark corners of the world and secret wars are waged within the shadows.
The waves and verses of the Prophecy have become uneasy as it marked the begging of a new age and not even the dragons know what the future has in store for us.

Only one thing is certain, in this new age the people of Eberron will need heroes. Those with burning eyes and fearless hearts, possessing incredible skill and power they will rise to the face these challenges. They will wage wars, travel to the farthest corners of the world, uncover mysteries of ages past and change the world forever.
But most of all, they will discover themselves, they will find their purpose in their darkest hour and claim victory against all odds. Be they cold hearted tyrants or valiant paladins, they will be remembered as their deeds shape the future and their names turn to legend.

This is their story.

The Age of Absolution


What happened thus far...

...A rescue mission to save a friend from the infamous prison of Dreadhold has turned out be far more dangerous than anyone realized as the party stumbled appon an allience of Thuranni and Khundarak. The conspiracy ran even deeper as the party discovered that the Mark of Death has resurfaced upon Eberron and that the Patriarch himself was involved in a plot to capture this last descendant. The party faced off against him and the best that House Thuranni had to offer. With the help of the prisoners they freed inside the dungeon the party has been victorious and House Thuranni is no more and with it, the Fate of Eberron has been changed forever.

But an greater shadow now lurks around the corner. For the real struggle is only just beginning...

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