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Beyond the mortal world, somewhere outside the bounds of the Astral Sea, the Far Realm yawns immeasurable. Beyond the reality of gods and mortals, this plane is a realm of contradictions, a mad place of fevered creation checked only by pointless extinction. The Outside is a sea of diseased possibilities, where the stuff of madness seethes in a soup of the incomprehensible and the unnamable—shuddering, squirming, and sentient.

As long as they remain beyond the reaches of the mortal world, the conscious creations of the Far Realm and all their insanity pose no risk to civili-zation. Yet, ever does the Outside seek to spill into Creation, bulging outward to force its nightmare essence into the mortal world. Aberrant creatures infest the mortal realm, spreading their corruption, breeding, consuming, and slaying—all to seize this world and remake it into their own perverse image.

Who sets out to learn the secrets of the Far Realm, to master its horrid powers? Truly, such efforts are the province of the insane and the soul-less. Each breaching of the planar bounds enables more of the Outside to ooze forth, weakening reality's integrity, threatening to sunder the divine work. Only the truly mad seek such an end, and there is no shortage of the truly mad. These accursed few cast aside all caution to embrace the sheer horror of the Far Realm so they can bathe themselves in its dreadful splendour.

Prepare to ...

Descend into Madness!

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