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  • Created Sep 16 '10
  • Last Post Mar 2 '11 at 4:39am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Freeform

Game Description

Godhood is a freeform game where you ascend to godhood and create an entire universe from the blank void. Think Lords of Creation, but with much less rules and thus much more creativity allowed. It has been stolen from another forum, which I will not name so no copying takes place/ "But it was like this in the other thread!"

This is a game about creation, and then the conflict that will arise when someone makes conflicting beings.

Acts are your resources and power. Every god is granted two acts per turn, and more depending on your spheres (IE. God of war gets more while a large war is going on, etc.) You can use them to do anything, but the more powerful the thing, the more acts it will take.
In general, you can either A) Just post your act and at the end of the turn have me subtract how many acts I think it should take, possibly making you go into a negative number of acts, or B) ask me ahead of time in the OOC thread or in a PM how many acts a certain thing will take. Most things take just one act though, since you are gods!

The turns will last about 2-3 days (OOC) each, longer if allot happens and shorter if nothing happens. Posting once every couple days would be a minimum, more if you like to roleplay/chat with other gods. Breaks are of course allowed if I am warned or its only a couple days. You can create anything with your acts, but please theme it towards your spheres at least a little bit.

If you do not say in game "I am saving my acts!", and you do not spend them, one of them will be deleted, and the other carried on to the next turn. If you are inactive for too long without mentioning your on vacation, you might explode from act build up.

You may burn your acts if you gain too many but cannot think of something to do with them. If you do so, you may reclaim the acts before the end of your next turn. Burning an act does not count as an action, and as such you will only gain one act on your next turn.

Please DO NOT try to find the previous thread for this off-site.

Thats all the rules. If anything else comes up, we can deal with it then.

I'd like this to be story and character driven as much as possible.

God- Beings with the ability to create something from naught but their will. Usually gear their power into specific areas or 'spheres' which have some kind of link to their personality. Gods posses two souls with free will in both, which combine to form the god's own will and personality. Cannot be killed without separating the souls, which is deemed impossible.

EX: Zeus, Thor, God

Demigod- A creature born from the union of two gods. The being has some access to the spheres of both parents, but it's powers are weaker than either of them. However, demigods posses power at a level so far above mortals that only demigods or gods can kill them. Demigods have a soul of their own that makes decisions and feels emotions, but gets it's power from a small portion of both of it's parent's power (the god's power is unaffected, though it enables the god to detect the demigod's location whenever it uses it's power) Demigods cannot die by mundane means, only by the hand of a god or demigod. Costs two acts, paid by whichever player ends up roleplaying the demigod. Each player may only control one Demigod at a time, and only one Demigod can use a sphere from a particular god at a time. Unlike Avatars, demigods may NOT use minor spheres in their creation.

EX: Artemis (though in her mythology she was an actual god)

Avatar- A being born from the union of god and mortal. Are mortal in almost all aspects, save the ability to call on one of their god's spheres. Can be killed by mundane means in theory (unless a sphere specifically deals with it - an Avatar of Disease would be immune to pestilence, for example) but in practice it is extremely difficult due to the power of the avatar's sphere being the same as the god's. The avatar must relearn it, but otherwise should be fine. An Avatar gains it's power by accessing one of it's parent's spheres. This sphere is permanent and does not change. Costs an Act to create. Only one Avatar may exist for a particular sphere of a particular god at any one time. Avatar powers are greatest when they posses a major sphere of the god they are sired from, but they may also have minor spheres.

EX: Kimoch, Vigilante Avatar (a moon elf in this game)

Divine Servant- A being created specifically to serve a god or goddess personally. The being has intelligence but no free will. What it requires to live varies but they are usually given the ability to survive without any sustenance. Divine Servants have no ability to pick goals for themselves but are capable of forming a plan to serve their master ('Make a sandwich' would be get bread, cover in mayonaise, add cheese, etc) Unlike species, divine servants cost no acts because they are unable to reproduce and expire on their own after a while.

EX: Angels (sorta)

Mortal- A living being that possesses free will but no divine power.

EX: You

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